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BAM Outsource Wowed by Rare Pink Diamond Discovered in Australia
A rare pink diamond estimated to be worth millions has been found in Western Australia. BAM Outsource looks into the world’s most famous diamonds and why they command so much attention., 2/22/2012 - The rare pink diamond was found at Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine in East Kimberly. The diamond has already been named the Argyle Pink Jubilee and is being cut and polished in Perth in a process that is expected to take around 10 days. BAM Outsource understands that the diamond will be sold towards the end of this year after being shown around the world including in New York and Hong Kong.

Huge gemstones continue to fascinate the world and their rarity commands huge price-tags. One of the most famous diamonds in the world is the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond, bought by English diamond dealer Laurence Graff in 2008. It is a blue 35.5 carat diamond worth over $25 million and originated in India. In 1664, Philip IV of Spain gave it to his daughter to celebrate her engagement. Before being bought by Graff, it had not been seen in public since 1958.

In November 2010 another pink diamond sold for $46 million, the highest price ever paid for a jewel. Once again it was bought by Laurence Graff who, BAM Outsource understands, is worth around $2.5 billion. The Argyle Pink Jubilee is similar in colour to The Williamson Pink, which Queen Elizabeth II received as a wedding gift and was set into a brooch for her coronation.

Managing director of BAM Outsource, Ben Knowles, believes he understands the fascination with diamonds. “We are all fascinated by extremes, things that are out of the ordinary, so huge diamonds, commanding huge price-tags, are always going to attract great interest.”

Probably the most famous of all diamonds is The Hope Diamond, which over the years has been labeled cursed, due to the mysterious circumstances surrounding its various owners deaths. The Hope weighs in at a whopping 45.52 carats. Mr. Knowles adds, “What’s interesting about diamonds is that they appear and disappear into history, hidden away in private collections and reappearing many years later. All of this adds to the intrigue that surrounds them.”

BAM Outsource will be watching to see whether the Argyle Pink Jubilee can beat the price tag of the 2010 pink diamond and whether Mr. Graff will add it to his priceless collection.

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