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Helena Dukic

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Blackstreet Entertainment, Inc., Files Trademark Infringement Lawsuit
Blackstreet Entertainment, Inc., Files Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against Two Former Work For Hire Singers With The Grammy Award Winning Group Blackstreet, 12/07/2011 - Hollywood, CA - There is nothing more valuable to any world renowned recording artist than legally protecting rights to their brand. "My clients icons Teddy Riley and Chauncey Black d/b/a Blackstreet Entertainment Inc., have retained attorney Duncan G. Byers of the Byers Law Group in Norfolk, Virginia to file a Trademark and Copyright Infringement Lawsuit. The "Blackstreet" brand must be protected from misuse by two former work for hire artists," says Monica Anders PR/Media Strategist. A lawsuit was filed on December 1st, 2011 in the United States District Court in the State of Virginia.

Throughout the UK, Europe and among other noted places, the former two work for hire singers Mark Middleton & Eric Williams booked and performed an amateur style karaoke track concert under the famed Billboard chart topping group name of "Blackstreet" at various venues using the trademark brand and past group photos to encourage ticket sales. Fans across the globe have been deceived into believing that they were buying tickets for Blackstreet by unauthorized photo promotion hype from two past work for hire singers.

"Make no mistake. The brand "Blackstreet" has been intact for over a decade with a flawless reputation of providing quality music excellence, only state of the art live band performances, sellout concerts and a memorable stage presence that has been created by the founders of the group, Teddy Riley and Chauncey Black, not hopeful stand ins" says PR/Media Strategist Monica Anders. "Furthermore, there has been unreliable and disparaging information printed by various social sites and media sources which have no merit to this particular situation about my clients. It is apparent that massive media distortion for the sake of making headlines weighs in verses mirroring facts to create a story board with the truth."

Universally promoters must be far more investigative, cautious and proactive in securing the real deal and careful not to cut corners for the sake of making a few dollars more. It should be suspect when founding members Chauncey Black and Teddy Riley are not on tour with their group. With numerous high profile social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and the like, it is not that hard in today's music industry to reach directly for the stars.

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