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Caring Hands Animal Hospital

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Caring Hands Animal Hospital - Massage Therapy
Caring Hands Animal Hospital - Massage Therapy, 11/16/2015 - Massage therapy was first introduced as a warm-up therapy for race animals - horses and greyhounds – in an effort to prevent injury. Since then, it has proven to improve pet mental and physical health by releasing endorphins, increasing circulation, and eliminating toxins from the body. Massage therapy, now also referred to as acupressure, is a holistic therapeutic option that gives pets affectionate attention. It incorporates precise hand movements to help pet patients relax; decreases muscles tension and spasms; prevents injury through the stimulation of muscles; and helps rehabilitate an injured pet.

Many pet owners who have animals that are recovering from injury or have pets with behavioral problems, find that massage therapy can help their animals remain calm and relaxed, helping them recover more quickly, or adjust to tense situations with ease. If the veterinarian believes that massage therapy would aid in your pet’s recovery, or could help your pet restore overall comfort, treatment options will be discussed during your office visit.

How is massage therapy beneficial?

Calms hyper or nervous pets

Comforts pets suffering from hip dysplasia or arthritis

Helps coat shine

Helps eliminate toxins

Improves bond between owner and pet

Improves circulation

Improves flexibility

Reduces recovery period for soft tissue damage

Relaxes aggressive animals

What does therapy involve?

Massage sessions are usually scheduled in 30 minute sessions during which our massage practitioner will first examine your pet’s stature, movement, and reaction to potential stressors. From their observations, they will formulate the session’s massage techniques, altering them if any issues arise as they perform the therapy.

During the massage, pressure is applied to targeted areas at various pressure strengths depending on the issue being treated and the size of the pet. Several common massage techniques used include effleurage, passive touch, kneading, stroking, and passive joint movement. Each technique offers different stimulation and is incorporated into a therapy session as needed.

Caring Hands Animal Hospital

4601 N Rancho Dr

Las Vegas, NV 89130

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