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Common Sense Investment Inc

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Common Sense Investment Inc Toronto’s Newest Financial Firm
Toronto investment banker, David Caporiccio, has joined a new investment firm., 8/17/2013 - Corporate financier and investor, David Caporiccio, recently announced his newest venture, an investment firm called Common Sense Investment Inc. Bearing the simple yet effective tagline, “Invest with Common Sense,” Common Sense Investment Inc specializes in obtaining debt and equity financing for small to medium sized Canadian businesses.

Caporiccio brings his twenty years of corporate financing expertise to the table, with a diverse portfolio that includes such wide-ranging fields as aviation, health care, media and telecom, communications, and information technology. With such a broad palette to draw from, Common Sense Investment Inc will have an extraordinarily solid base.

Common Sense Investment Inc represents several Toronto based private equity groups seeking to fund Canadian business interests. At Common Sense Investment Inc, they will work to pair the right investors with the right borrowers to ensure a great working and lending relationship, according to David Caporiccio. Common Sense Investment Inc is the preferred supplier to these groups and uses an open and continuing dialogue to establish a better understanding of how to maximize funding opportunities.

At Common Sense Investment Inc, the focus is on serving Canadian companies with $0.5 to $50 million in annual revenues. This focus on the small to medium players in the field fills a previously ignored niche; generally, only the top revenue earners have access to the kind of diverse financial expertise and experience that David Caporiccio and Common Sense Investment Inc are able to provide. This unique service puts Common Sense Investment Inc head and shoulders above the other options out there for small and medium sized businesses. Common Sense Investment Inc is pleased to be able to provide services to fill this much-needed gap.

“At Common Sense Investment Inc, we hope to extend our core values of honesty, integrity and open dealing to a new set of Canadian businesses,” Common Sense Investment Inc, David Caporiccio, was quoted as saying, “With perseverance and a bit of luck, Common Sense Investment Inc will become synonymous with investment excellence, truth, and fairness. It is a great day for me, personally, and a great day for Common Sense Investment Inc.”

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