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Nestor C. Buenaflor

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Euro-pacific Fuels Tech Ceo Nestor C. Buenaflor Postpone Bio-gasoline Supply To Sports Championship
Founder Chairman and CEO Nestor C. Buenaflor of Euro-Pacific Fuels Tech Corporation said the Supply of Bio-Gasoline to Motorcycle Endurance Championship 2011 was postponed to Next Year, 3/23/2011 - TAMPA, FL--(March 23, 2011) – EURO-PACIFIC FUELS TECH CORPORATION ( Founder Chairman and CEO announced the postponement of the supply of Bio-Gasoline to the All-Woman Motorcycle Team “WERONICA” to this year’s Motorcycle Endurance Championship by the International Federation of Motorcycling (FIM). The All-Woman Motorcycle Team “WERONICA” Management told CEO Nestor C. Buenaflor that they decided to postpone their participation in this year’s Motorcycle Endurance Championship 2011 due to reasons that were not disclosed.

“This is supposed to be the year when the world will understand the value of Bio-Gasoline as an endurance fuel. Even our supply of Bio-Gasoline to was postponed for this year’s Championship we are still invited to another Motorcycle Event which is bigger. We have discussed possibilities of the use of our Bio-Gasoline on other Motor Sports Competition like Indy 500 and Formula-One. Bio-Fuels from the biomass of Algae is very pro-environment and it is bio-degradable since when spilled in lakes or ocean it will easily break its molecular structure, so it poses no harm to the environment at all,” said CEO Nestor C. Buenaflor.

Bio-Gasoline, Bio-Diesel, Bio-Jet Fuel, and Bio-Methane Gas, Clean Heavy Oil are some of the products of Euro-Pacific Fuels Tech Corporation. Bio-Plastics from Algae are also now being coordinated to be structured to be available in the market through its Trade and Market Division, Protein Reactor Combined Fuels Inc ( ). Bio-Diesel from Algae is a good alternative fuel for Boats and Ships because of its Carbon Neutral Emission and its bio-degradable nature when spilled in water bodies.

“Euro-Pacific Fuels Tech Corporation and its patented products will play a big role in the world economy. Our presence as a Bio-Fuels Producer will bring relief to any dramatic fluctuation in world economy caused by very high demand for Fossil Oil coupled with its high price. Our Bio-Gasoline, Bio-Jet Fuel, Bio-Diesel and other Bio-Fuel products we have will provide economic cushion to any threat of any drastic economic downturn. We believe that once we have fully structured our Supply-Chain Infrastructure all over the world we can diffuse any danger of economic collapse to further inflation. We are here to bring goodness for everyone and bring the world economy alive,” continued Nestor C. Buenaflor.

“Our main goal is to be able to help the poorest of the poor and help in the alleviation of poverty in the world. We are not against Fossil Fuel because it causes negative impact to the environment but we know that we are here to provide betterment of life and that is all with side benefits of Healthy Environment. We have to continue our mission to be a company that is ready to help transform the world to be a better place both economically and environmentally. Even if we experience a lot of roadblocks and oppositions or delays in our implementation of our being present in the world market we will still continue to force our way because we know that we have something very important and very positive to offer to every individual of the world. We will do our best to be a useful company for each citizen of the world providing them with products and services that will make their lives experience the best since it is the birthright of every individuals of the world to live a good life.” concluded Nestor C. Buenaflor.

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