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Nestor C. Buenaflor

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Euro-Pacific Fuels Tech Corporation Supplies Bio-Gasoline to All-Woman Team in World Championship
Euro-Pacific Fuels Tech Corporation and subsidiary Bioenergomash Ukraine Ltd. to supply Bio-Gasoline from the Biomass of Algae to an All-Woman Motorcycle Team and was approved by “The International Motorcycling Federation”(FIM)., 3/10/2011 - TAMPA, FL (March 10, 2011) – It is first in the History of Endurance Motorcycling Sport to have an “All-Woman Team” to participate and much more the said team which they called themselves “Weronica” are themselves Motorcycle Champions from different continents.

WERONICA is composed of American Melissa Paris, who is the first woman to qualify for a World Supersport race, married to Josh Hayes (reigning AMA Superbike champ), highest female finisher in the history of the Daytona 200. Another best is Vania Medrano who is the top motocrosser competing against men and in recent years’ top female rider in Superbikes in South America. Then they have an Italian Champion, Paola Cazzola who is the first woman to be invited to test a MotoGP bike and Germany’s reining Supersport Champion Nina Prinz.

“This is history in the making to have an All-Woman Motorcycle Team in a World Endurance Motorcycle Event and this team’s management still wanted to further their uniqueness by using Bio-Gasoline from the Biomass of Algae,” said Founder Chairman and CEO Nestor C. Buenaflor of Euro-Pacific Fuels Tech Corporation – -- US based company whose Trade and Market Division, Protein Reactor Combined Fuels Inc – – a publicly traded company in the US Stock Market under symbol PRCF.

“Once I have received the news from Weronica’s Management that the Technical Director of The International Motorcycling Federation said that the Bio-Gasoline Specification is approved as long as the Specifications follows the minimum and the maximum requirements of the competition policy, I quickly compared our Bio-Gasoline’s Specification with FIM’s fuel guidelines and I found a little imbalance where our Bio-Gasoline has too much Benzene and too little Olefins, so I quickly sent a message to Dr. Peter Chernov, the CEO of Bioenergomash Ukraine to break the molecular structure of Benzene and turn them into Alkenes at the maximum level required by FIM. And I got a message back from one of our scientists Co-CEO that we will introduce Hydrogen and do another Catalytic Cracking to make more Alkenes or Octanes and get the Benzene out of the Bio-Gasoline Composition because Benzene is a Carcinogenic Compound that will create a negative health impact in the environment.”, explained Euro-Pacific Fuels Tech Corporation Chairman and CEO Nestor C. Buenaflor.

“According to our most recent developments, we can reduce the content of aromatic hydrocarbons up to 0.1%. Our latest technological developments have shown that we get arenes unsaturated hydrocarbons of normal and branched structure Alkenes, without affecting the quality of the Bio-Gasoline.” said Dr. Vyacheslav, one of the Research Scientists at Bioenergomash Ukraine Ltd.

Aside from Bio-Gasoline the companies produce Bio-Jet Fuel from Algae. “This is good news for everyone to have better Environment and with our Bio-Gasoline being used in Competitive Sports will be a very good start to show the world that world economy will have a very dramatic growth since Bio-Fuels from biomass of Algae are cheaper fuel products which means helping world economy,” added Nestor C. Buenaflor.

The World Motorcycle Endurance Championship will bring a new light to world opinion once the All-woman Team “Weronica” has shown to the world that Bio-Gasoline is the best fuel for people to use. This is a new page of history in the making.

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