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Horlicks India Offers Effective Growth Guidance to Parents with Children’s Growth Calculator
Horlicks growth calculator helps parents keep track of their children’s physical developments easily and effectively., 4/21/2017 - India (April 21, 2017) - Innovation in the field of pediatrics and growing awareness about children’s health in a world that is fraught with toxicity has touched the lives of millions of parents all over India. However, these are also the days when an alarming number of children are experiencing disproportionate development of height, weight and mental growth which often goes undetected till graver health issues take root.

Horlicks which is one of the oldest and most trusted health drink companies has been ruling the Indian market and has been instrumental in bridging nutrition gaps in children effectively for decades together. The company has thus taken it upon its shoulders to introduce an easy and comprehensive means of tracking child growth in the form of an easy to use growth calculator where parents only need to put in certain basic statistics to understand if their children are in the right direction of healthy growth or otherwise.

The children’s growth calculator presented by Horlicks India in its official website uses details like height, weight and age of children to calculate their growth percentile and compare the same with the average optimum growth levels at a national scale. Availability of height and growth chart in the website has also made the task of comparison very easy and less time consuming for parents who may have little or no information about these essential details.

The website also offers general insight into the reasons why children these days experience slow delayed growth, most of which can be owed to severe lack of nutrients; a problem that can be prevented with a daily dose of Horlicks.

About Horlicks

Horlicks is one of the most popular health drinks in the world that is widely recognized for its nutrient rich composition. It has been proven that Horlicks actually contributes to boosting growth in children in terms of height, weight and brain function.

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