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Jeff Harig

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How Powder Coating Service is Made Affordable?
Whether it is construction industry or manufacturing sector, if it uses metal pieces, it needs powder coating service., 4/30/2015 - Construction industry uses iron and steel bars to make building structures. These pieces need to be protected from moisture and concrete and cement. If not protected, the pieces would get rust and soon lose their strength. To protect the pieces, they are coated with a powder.

“The process is called powder coating. It involves coating the metal with a specific powder that becomes thin film on heating. The pigments present in the metal melt and make a strong bond that lasts long. Once coated, a piece of metal can be used without any fear or apprehension as the strong bond of powder won’t succumb to pressure or weather”, said a leading powder coating service provider.

Coating metal structures is a difficult job as the structures are high and mighty. But we can do this job in a hassle free manner. We are leading service providers in powder coating industry and this is evident from our clientele. We have worked for construction giants and we are able to provide satisfactory service.

Our services are satisfactory as well as affordable. We know how to take care of metal pieces, spray them with powder and heat large pieces of metal. We have a large facility, where we can easily treat a number of iron and steel bars.

“Powder coating is the best option for protecting metal pieces. It is safe, durable and affordable. We provide both batch as well as automated coating service. If the pieces to be coated are a few then we would use batch system and if the pieces are large in number then we would choose automated system”, added the service provider.

Batch system is suitable for architectural metal finishing as most of the construction structures are off-dimension. Off-dimension products can be coated with batch process only as using automated system would be wastage of powder and money.

“In batch system, our team of experienced workers prepares metal pieces for coating and they coat the pieces one by one. The metals are moved from one place to another and finally they are delivered to the clients. It takes a team of workers many hours to coat a piece of metal”, the service provider maintained.

Automated system is also used for architectural metal finishing but it is used selectively as it needs much space. It is suitable only when the number of metal pieces is large and the pieces are of same size.

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