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How to nail a local SEO pitch
Wondering how to make a good impression with potential clients? Columnist Lydia Jorden shares her process for successfully pitching to local businesses, even if they don't have much SEO knowledge., 2/17/2017 - Local SEOs just get it.

We understand that a company needs to be present when a customer digitally seeks its services. We get that businesses are virtually handing over potential revenue to competitors that invest more heavily than they do in local SEO. We recognize all of this wholeheartedly and put our blood, sweat and tears into helping brick-and-mortar businesses understand the importance of local search optimization.

Unfortunately, not all clients understand the positive impact local SEO can have on their business. When clients come to me asking for specific digital marketing services, they usually are completely unaware of local SEO and its benefits. These clients have heard all the buzzwords — big data! content is king! — and insist on implementing trendy tactics without understanding the impact they might have on their business.

Understanding how to tailor a pitch to clients that have already dismissed tried-and-true digital marketing methods in favor of their own buzzwords is challenging. Just like having a political discussion at a Thanksgiving table, many of these clients do not want to hear your suggestions, as they have already mentally invested in the tactics they believe are most important.

Selling local SEO is challenging. However, you may begin to find client hesitancy replaced with open-mindedness when using strong pitch strategies along with data-based evidence for your recommendation.


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