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Important Questions To Ask While Selecting A Solar System Installation Company
Are you planning to install a solar energy system? Prior to scrolling through the phone book to identify the number of a solar installation company, 1/11/2017 - Are you planning to install a solar energy system? Prior to scrolling through the phone book to identify the number of a solar installation company, you have to take into consideration some important aspects. You should have better understanding about what questions to ask to the solar service provider. Here are the most relevant questions that you need to ask:

What do you advocate for my property?

You should keep your interests up front without any reluctance. When a solar company representative arrives to discuss matters, you must communicate your interests in going solar clearly. It is absolutely essential to ask what they advocate on your property. You might have already chosen a site but ask them about the most suitable location. Experienced professionals give utmost importance to site selection and they will clearly explain why they have selected a particular site. All these aspects give you clear cut idea about the method of approach of a solar installation company.

How many solar systems have already been installed?

You must ask about the experience of the solar company in installing solar systems and it is always advisable to check whether the installer is adequately experienced in installing grid tie or off grid solar systems. You have to find out whether the company is experienced in different areas such as residential and commercial systems. Experienced professionals focus on both commercial and residential systems and they have strong connections with leading manufacturers of solar panels and other related components.

Are you properly qualified, training and license?

Top installers are the ones who have received extensive training. Even solar panel manufacturers are offering training for the installers and these training sessions help professionals get familiarize with latest advancements in technology. You must also inquire whether the installer is properly licensed and insured as well.

Can you give some references?

How can you check the reputation of a solar installer? The simplest way is to ask for references from existing clients. You need to contact two or three clients to determine the quality of services at offer. Top quality installers like do not show any reluctance in handing over the details of their existing clients and they also show you pictures of their completed solar power installations.

Do you offer warranty for parts and components?

Some companies do not come up with warranty programs from the manufacturers. If this is the situation, you must ask whether the installer offers any warranty for the equipment. It does not matter whether the guarantee comes from the maker or the installer, you should make sure that you are getting maximum coverage for the longest period of time.

Do you offer fast support services?

Sometimes, you may have to deal with an emergency situation and if the installation company does not offer fast support services, your issue will not get rectified in a fast manner. Top installation companies offer always offer fast after sale services offer their clients.

When you ask all these questions to a solar installation company, you get clear cut idea about their quality of services and choosing the best one also becomes an uncomplicated process.

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