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Iron Skyreaver Mount-suspected World of Warcraft 6.0 reward mount
Iron Skyreaver Mount-suspected World of Warcraft 6.0 reward mount, 12/07/2013 - Do you still remember there is a mysterious mount in world of warcraft. This mount finally shows its face in the client of the latest 5.4.2 test. It has a domineering name: Iron Skyreaver Mount. Do you want to know more about the mount? From, you can get more useful information.

What you can do with mount in world of warcraft

There are a large number of mounts available in World of Warcraft, and more are added to the game on a regular basis. The total is currently around 200, although that includes different color variations on the same mount model. Mounts speed up travel through the world and are highly coveted possessions within Azeroth. You can travel fast with your mounts, especially the flying mounts.

The introduction of Iron Skyreaver Mount

Iron Skyreaver Mount is a Chimaera with two heads. It shares incomparable sharp appearance and a loudly name. Now its origin has not been announced. But we already know that the speed of this mount will change as area and the level of the players changed. The mysterious function of Iron Skyreaver Mount and how to acquire it is still unknown.

Iron Skyreaver Mount-suspected wow 6.0 reward mount

Someone suspected that Iron Skyreaver Mount is likely to be the collection reward mounts of new expiation of world of warcraft 6.0: the king of Draenor. But this is just the deduction of world of warcraft players. Blizzard has not say something to the function of Iron Skyreaver Mount.

All in all, we can deduce that this mount not only share the flying functions, but also has some mysterious characteristics. Do you want to get Iron Skyreaver Mount as your own mount? If so, you can be the hero in the battles of world of warcraft.

If you are interested in Iron Skyreaver Mount and want to get it as your own mount, you need to pay attention to the new information about Iron Skyreaver Mount that blizzard released, such as precondition and method to get the mount, the mysterious function of the mount. May be one day you are the rider of Iron Skyreaver Mount. Need more information pay attention to

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