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Jesse Graham and O.G Music
Jesse Graham responds to being called an O.G, 6/06/2011 - Well it's been a while since i did a written blog. But I felt I needed to let everybody know about

O.G Music!! O.G Music is a division of Sure Records and will be Known for that real

Flavoristicupbeattossedsalad, sound. for now O.G music has released it's first round of ringtones

They vary in price from free to 2.99. prices change all the time based on popularity.

I am very happy to announce this as, I accept my new role as O.G because I have been in the Industry for a long time, and We become older each minute, each hour, each day, each week.

on and on, but for me i never have dwelt on that, I mostly focus on life and trying too smile

laugh and giggle when possible, and before you know it you been out of High school for a minute

and college, but i am always on the campus, taking a class or in the media lab or something,

and i mostly have people with young minds around me and, that i work with and have Since back in the day.

I always say age aint nothing but a number.

Also i mentor the up an coming, teach me about the latest and greatest!!

Plus if it's someone older or longer in knowledge on a particular subject,

in those situations i try to be teachable and humble to my elders.

Anyway so i always saw myself as staying young and i trying to eat some what healthy.

But that Ice Cream and cake is always calling my name, and that's just the beginning,

once i hit the grocery store it's all over.

any way more people now feel comfortable buying stuff over the internet and I wanna say, thank you to you all over the world that you are continually downloading my music and it's a great feeling to be getting the royalties and knowing who bought most of them, this is something i did not have access too years age, and thanks to all the jocks for continuing to play my songs and i feel you too, my writers royalties thanks to You and reported by BMI i have over one gazillion spins over the years, on radio tv and that has always came on time and i am glad to be with them!

Some have played my music and purchased it as well, and some of you purchased it from me, also some thought they were helping me out when they bought theirs from the flee market or the from bootleg CD man, but i did not receive royalties from the sale of that product. So at least if you get it from this website then you will know it came from me. please know this though, I hate that i cannot remove a particular, bootleg albums from my album tab on MySpace. Just so you will know their are two versions of Soul Music on there, the on entitled Soul Music 101, the blue one i get royalties from that one but, the brown one with the old release dates other than 2010 then I have not received royalties for some time now, I am filing a Law suit in those regards.

so i cant speak too much on it but

I have been receiving statements just some things need to be corrected. So when you download get soul music101. Also the Music 07 mix tape-Summer 08, yes i am getting royalties from that release, keep downloading so we can keep spreading peace and love worldwide baby!!

alright anyway

gotta bounce Peace!!


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