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William Imperato

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Public Safety Communications | Communication Trends
Ensuring that first responders and other public safety communications systems function within new commercial and residential building is no longer an option – it’s the law., 5/07/2014 - Public Safety- Networks

Government organizations at all levels from municipalities to federal agencies require coverage not just from wireless carriers, but from public safety and specific agencies such as aviation, defenses, Homeland Security and others.

The need of networks for public safety has been on a rise ever since almost all the nations in the world face threats from terrorist activities, criminal activities, natural disasters, etc. The vulnerability of information being leaked and getting into wrong hands has given the rise to have a full proof security system for the confidential to be in a high level of scrutiny.

The operational requirements of the different Government agencies, public safety and first responders are very much similar. They all need the reliability factor for the equipment to be very high and clubbed with that, a full proof very highly secured and uncompromising security system for the confidential communication system. These security agencies are on a run to get more and more innovative ideas to make sure that the information is secured with zero leakage points.

A need for a wide spectrum of robust, non-comprisable, irrepressible and secure configuration features and options to keep mission-critical networks up and running, regardless of rough and unprecedented environmental or political conditions has been on the rise.

As the competition in the public safety domain arises, companies are getting equipped and advanced with long haul alternatives to leased lines and fibber build out. Implementation of cutting edge technology is the talk of the town in this domain, wherein a big range of multi-service technologies over wireless networks, including TDM, SONET, Hybrid TDM+Ethernet, native Carrier Ethernet and IP/MPLS is being implemented.

The code of conduct on the transportation of high speed Ethernet data, voice and video services by many nations have been set at very high standards and that is where Optiglow expertise’s opt.

The super stringent demands by the government agencies to keep the cellular conversations and other information in a tight security system are now on a rise and that’s what the technicians at Optiglow do. Critical network infrastructure to support and secure the communications for police, fire and emergency medical responders is one of the prime services provided at Optiglow.

It is important for any public safety network provider to make sure that they address the challenges that may be faced while integrating services across boundaries to better serve the public.

They must also work towards minimizing response time and boost productivity. Cost being an important factor in all agencies, an endeavor must be made towards cutting costs related to personnel. The working of important channels of communication in times of emergencies or at all times must be ensured.

About Optiglow Systems, LLC

Optiglow is a technology-oriented website, which provides an in-building wireless network, which boosts cellular reception everywhere in the structure, using the state-of-the art distributed antenna systems.

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