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Sara Corbin says "Ain't It Sweet"
Charlotte, North Carolina native releases soulful folk music for all, 2/20/2012 - Sara Corbin

Sara Corbin is singer/songwriter based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. She began teaching herself how to play the guitar at the age of 15. After learning basic chords she began to experiment on sound structure and composition. Now with instrument in hand and poems from her early years, she began to put music to words, creating wonderful folk, pop and blues songs that touch the heart and soothe the soul. She has continued this practice into adulthood, honing her songwriting talents with each new life experience.

Sara Corbin is proud to announce the release of her newest single “Ain’t It Sweet”. This song is a sweet ballad about love and happiness which is sung with emotion and passion. Audience members are able to relate to the song on an personal level, and find that the relaxing melody leaves a lasting impression.

Her music reflects her authentic self allowing audiences to really understand her completely. Through her songs, she becomes an open book to her listeners, who find their senses and emotions heightened as they experience life through Sara’s eyes and of course, her voice. Her songs say it all. This is a sign of a talent that the music industry doesn’t see that often.

Sara Corbin is performing around her town of Charlotte, NC but hopes to soon expand to neighboring towns. Her aim is to please and to express herself through her music right into the hearts of her audiences.

“I’m not some hot new singer. I’m not a guitar prodigy and I’m not a role model. But I am a songwriter. And I can guarantee that in my music, there is something for everyone. There is something for the lovebird, for the heartbroken, for the angry, for the political and for the people who love music just for the sheer love of music itself.”

You can experience some of her music videos by logging onto the following websites:

You can listen to and/or purchase her songs by logging onto: (Search: Sara Corbin)

Sara Corbin is currently working with A & R Select based in Beverly Hills, Ca. for licensing, publishing, a record deal and/or placement opportunities. For additional information, please contact them at:


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