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The Story of a Therapeutic Boarding School in Lighting up Your Teens’ Lives
Logan River Academy is a “home away from home” for your troubled children,, 2/18/2014 - Logan River Academy is a “home away from home” for your troubled children, where a consummate ambiance full of virtues and wisdom and the persistent efforts put by the faculty members bring out the inherent goodness in your teens, helping them scrap all the negative bearings and strive to be one of the highly regarded individuals of the society.

The Logan River Academy helps your teens deal with various dilemmas such as drug abuse, behavior disorders, mental stress, melancholia, early pregnancy, eating disorders, ADHD, rebellious disorders, dyslexia, and akin complex issues allied to younger age. This school focuses on proffering teenagers with consultation and counseling on behavioral, emotional and academic quandaries in a protected and laid down environment.

A trusted name in boarding schools for troubled children, Logan River Academy boast a state-of-the-art education campus with large and comfy dormitories with all the basic amenities for a better quality of living. Full-size classrooms, libraries, individual computer workstations, gymnasium as well as a fitness center make the academy the best residential therapeutic school for your distressed child, by far. The institute contemplates on programs lasting from a few weeks to few years and anything in between, based on the needs of your distressed teen. With a small student-teacher ratio and an atmosphere where teenagers can feel free to express their true heartfelt emotions, this schools assists your teen with the help of trained specialists who supervise and help them out in resolving their conflicts, using open and flexible methods.

If you are looking for a boarding school for troubled teens, Logan River Academy’s style of programs, area of expertise, faculty members, educational support and other bearings that are being offered at this institute are worth considering. This therapeutically oriented school is one of the most adapt sanctuary for teenagers fighting with complex issues such as behavioral problems and substance abuse.

About Logan River Academy:

Logan River Academy is a Utah based residential therapeutic facility located in Logan, US which has been committed to helping troubled teens or children since its inception. The children, who come from distraught families, suffer from issues such as autism spectrum disorders, bipolar disorder, adoption concerns, violence, borderline issues, PTSD, impulse control, depression, peer pressure, lack of self confidence, anger management, grief or loss issues, lack of communication, family incompatibility, academic struggles, and the list goes on. The Logan River Academy is not just an institution where frazzled teenagers are being brought to be regimented into becoming more conscious towards social nurturing and live up to its behavioral standards, in fact, it is an total revolutionary form of school where teens can continue with their studies and turn out to be better persons of the social order in the future. Whetting their independence, sense of self- motivation and making pleasing youngsters who are responsible towards their sense of duties; and also holding them out them with potentials of making wise decisions in life is the chief goal of this school.

For more information please send inquiries to or feel free to visit the website on can also call directly on (435) 755-8400.

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