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Chelsea Hackett

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What are the world's four major nuts around the whole world?
Best manufacturer and exporter for dried fruits:, 11/05/2013 - China - The Panda Foods Ltd is the professional online supplier for all kinds of dried fruits China. According to 12 years¡¯ experience, their clients have already widely spread second third countries around the world. Most of their clients prefer to purchase the ¡°world's four nuts¡± which are Hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and cashews is called. However, there are a lot of people who thinks that pistachio nut is one of the world¡¯s four nuts. Strictly speaking, the pistachio is one kind of dried fruits and it is not the nuts.


Hazelnut has also been known as the "king of nuts ". This is because the Hazelnut has contained rich nutrient. It can greatly reduce cholesterol and strong anti-cancer ingredients are another advantage of Hazelnut. The reason for why the hazelnut could become king of nuts is that the oldest edible and the highest containing of nutrient content. This kind of nut is listed at the first location among the world¡¯s four nuts.


Walnut is another famous nut around the world. This kind of nut has been known as longevity dried fruits China fruit in China. In other countries such as USA, the walnuts were called Puzzle fruit because walnuts can improve the brain's physiological function. The walnut has been considered as the most appropriate nut for mental workers since ancient times. Walnut has also called the king nut of anti-oxidation. This kind of nut could be good for people especially for elderly people and postmenopausal women.


The almonds could be divided into bitter almonds and sweet almonds. The normally almond is related to the sweet almond. This kind of nut is the best fruit which could help to resist cancer. From the description of website which is the dried fruits supplier, almonds are rich in fatty oil which has a cholesterol-lowering effect. In that case, the almond has a good effect for the prevention of heart vascular diseases. The sweet almonds can be eaten without any process but people cannot eat too much. However, the fat contained in sweet almond is necessary for people¡¯s body. The fat in the almond is one kind of heart-healthy fats which would be good for maintaining people¡¯s weight


Cashew which is also called tree peanuts has the kidney-shaped appearance. Cashew nuts are nuts with varied of nutritious and sweet taste. This kind of nuts could be regarded as one kind of snack food and this nut could also be made into delicacies. Cashew is a useful treasure. The nutritious nut is rich in protein, fat and carbohydrates which have good protection effect of the vessel, prevention of cardiovascular disease and other disease.


The Panda food Ltd is a best supplier for nuts & seeds China. 12 years¡¯ experience has let this dried pear China dried fruit and nut manufacturer and exporter become very famous in this industry. People who want to purchase the delicious nuts and dried fruits could browse their website


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