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What is the cause of pain in right side under rib cage?
What is the cause of pain in right side under rib cage?, 10/07/2011 - What is the cause of pain in right side under rib cage?

Some people will have pain in right side under rib cage, and this situation is more common in patients with hepatitis B, and that under the right rib pain why? Shenzhen liver disease research network to give you an exact answer, arrived at Shenzhen Baoan 41 District, a 29 Shore Road, Baoan Hospital of Guangdong Public Security Border Defense liver disease treatment center, consult a liver specialist Chen, Chen for the "under the right ribs What causes pain, "said so.

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We have a variety of body organs, including liver, appendix, right ovary and other organs are in the right side of the ribs, if these organs problems, are likely to cause pain under the right ribs. Specifically as follows:

1, liver diseases such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver gallstones, cholecystitis, and this will cause pain, the pain in his right rib.

2, appendix in the human body plays a role in immune regulation, if there is inflammation, the formation of appendicitis, can cause pain in the right side.

3, the ovaries are female-specific organs, have the right and left, the right ovary or fallopian tube lesions also cause pain.

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What causes pain under right rib? Is more common types, Chen pointed out, there should not ignore the check right rib pain, should go to hospital. For liver disease, especially viral hepatitis (hepatitis B, hepatitis C), can go to the hospital, Baoan, Guangdong BDB liver treatment center for examination and treatment.

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