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Evan Smith

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4chan’s Business and Finance Board /biz/ Surpasses /pol/ As the Worst Board on 4chan
Some imageboards in 4chan like /pol/, /biz/ and /b/ are identified as notable imageboards. But, now, the /biz/ board has surpassed /pol/ as the worst board., 12/02/2019 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

(November 30, 2019) – Christopher Poole founded 4chan as an anonymous English-language imageboard. Some of the imageboards in 4chan have gained immense followers like /biz/, /pol/ and /b/ to name a few. But, now, the /biz/ board of 4chan surpasses the /pol/ board to get the record of the worst board.

/biz/ as the name implies is the business imageboard, where people from any walks of life can comment anonymously. In the same way /pol/ is the political imageboard intended for the political commenting. For so long, the political imageboard was the worst among the many boards in 4chan. Now, the business imageboard has surpassed the record of the political imageboard and has been identified as the worst.

For some period the business board in 4chan has been declining in quality. It might be due to the influx of scammers and shills who promote pump and dump scams (a few notable ones being RLC, FTM and RSR). With many inappropriate low IQ comments made by people on this board, it has now crossed the record held by the political board as the worst board in 4chan.

The /biz/ board in 4chan is for discussion of topics pertaining not just to business, but also to currencies, securities, financial markets and economics. It includes commodities and cryptocurrencies as well. Even, it discusses starting and running a business. So, this discussion board should be useful for many budding entrepreneurs. But, now, it is sad that it has crossed the record held by the political board in 4chan for being the worst board ever.

On the /biz/ board, there is a restriction on discussions of government policies with the permission to discuss only fiscal and monetary policies of the government. But, some unruly commentators have not followed this rule. As against posting their comments on the /pol/ board, they have posted them on the /biz/ board, which might be one of the important reasons for the declining of the status of the /biz/ board.

About 4Chan:

4Chan was started first to post images and discussion pertaining to anime. Slowly, many topics got in. /biz/ is one of them. /biz/ is not a place for soliciting and advertising. Some actually used it to promote their ventures and business. Also, begging and asking for something are strictly prohibited as well.

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