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Aervirdis presents the best universal air conditioner remote control for hotels
Aervirdis is an Italian company that has created a universal air conditioner remote control which allows users to block specific temperatures., 11/10/2018 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Santa Maria del Giudice, Lucca, (November 10, 2018): Aervirdis is an Italian technological solutions company that is known for offering the universal air conditioner remote control that can be used for effectively blocking the air conditioners at specific temperatures in hotels. Plenty of people face serious problems with their AC when they are visiting a new country. For them, controlling their air conditioner temperature becomes a source of worry. They may find that their rooms have become way too hot during the winter months or too cold during the summer days. The telecomando universale condizionatore designed and developed by Aervirdis can help in avoiding such problems.

With the all new telecomando condizionatore universal and its innovative features, users can save up to about 40% of their electricity bills when they are in hotels. This is one of the major reasons why plenty of people have already started using this universal air conditioner remote control. The telecomando universale aria condizionata makes it possible for users to get the most of their hotel electricity bills and make sure that people living in hotels are always comfortable with the room temperature.

About Aervirdis

Aervirdis is a technological company based in Italy that is known for offering a powerful universal air conditioner remote control that can be used for controlling the room temperature in an effective way.

To know more about Aervirdis, visit

Media Contact:

Company Name: Aervirdis

Address: Via del Cimitero XIX, 532 / b

55100 S. Maria del Giudice - Lucca

VAT number IT02158320461

Phone: +39 346 3633719

WhatsApp: +39 346 3633719



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