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Alex Prokouchkine Explains His FGID Problems
The hero volunteer tells that the problems with digestion "poisoning his life.", 8/01/2020 - Alex Prokouchkine said that at a times it's difficult to care on everyday activities. He said it was long road to discover importance of healthy eating.

Alex begun feeling that something is wrong after he quit smoking and start gaining weight.

"I remember how after consuming all that food that I felt so hungry for I was getting so constipated. But I was becoming obese and was not paying any attention to it or realizing that there is a problem."

"I was becoming obese and was not paying any attention.

Even before when Alex was young he was diagnosed with stomach related problem s but nothing that serious.

According to Wikipedia functional gastrointestinal disorders are very common. Globally, irritable bowel syndrome and functional dyspepsia alone may affect 16–26% of the population.

"Digestion disorders are much more common," says Mike Menshikoff, M.D. "It is many obesity or consumption related conditions."

"The idea of having no appetite is just one of the common things" Alex says

"And scariest of all nobody ever pays attention to simple appetite loss". According to Menshikoff, FGIDs are results of lifestyle, nutrition, food intolerance in case with lactose or infection.

Alex remembers when he had few pain in a stomach days a week. "It was just common thing" volunteer hero says.

While living in Chicago gets you all info you need, Alex remembers just go in another room and hide food so mom don't see it.

But Alex found way to deal with issues by simply consuming a lot of Indian tea. Hero charity giver takes a cap of Indian tea any time he feel like no appetite or opposite feel like eating junk food.

Menshikoff says the best way to prevent digestive problems or FGIDs is to change your eating hobbies. If you think you're have problems, talk with professional before taking pills.

"FGIDs are always overlooked by patiens" says Mike Menshikoff, M.D. "It is one of most important factors that contribute to health overall and to longevity"

"People underestimate how appetite loss can have such a negative impact" Alex says.

Alex participates in Indian Tea movement that promotes the drink and explains benefits of it as a remedy from many diseases including FGIDs

"There is a wealth of information that can help you make educated decisions, with people who are aware and can help pay attention."

Now Alex can concentrate on everyday life and family all thanks to Indian Tea and Indian Tea movement. "I feel like I can deal with my relatives again."

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