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Terence W George

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Another 24k gold success story from one of Gold Solutions business opportunity packages seen on TV
Client Rob Mitchell of RM Plating in Strood, Kent hits the big time on Channel 5's TV programme Billionaire Babies with just one of his staggering gold plated creations., 2/15/2019 - When I created Gold Solutions 13 years ago, Rob was one of the first of our clients to attend a training class on how to gold plate as well as purchasing one of our gold plating kits. In the years since then he has developed into a one-man tour de force in the world of both gold plating, modern art and creative sculpting.

The gold plating division of his business is called RM Polishing & Gold Plating Click Here and he also can be found on Instagram Click Here with a massive worldwide following this rising UK star.

In January this year he appeared in Channel 5's Billionaire Babies television programme and wondered millions of viewers with the quality and range of his skills and a clip from the show can be seen here Click Here .

Other examples of the breadth of his completely unique work can be seen here under the name of Rob Mitchell Art Click Here and is the perfect example of what someone self-taught can achieve in life with hard work and application.

In addition to all these crafts that he demonstrates admirably to such a high level he provides excellent airbrushing and chrome spraying services. It is rare enough to find people with specific stand-out crafts and skills, but how often do you come across anyone who excels in so many at the same time.

When Gold Solutions take on new clients Click Here, we strive to help them to success, especially as most are new to business and our completely free telephone and email lifetime support has assisted thousands to achieve different degrees of success and independence worldwide.

However, in the case of Rob Mitchell I must concede that this young man would have achieved virtually everything he has with or without our help. I do nevertheless feel that I now need to spend some time with him regarding our latest extension to gold plating, our new range of 'Electroforming kits' which will then allow him to put his immense plating skills to work - by now plating non-metals such as plastics, organic etc items as well as just metals.

I have no doubt whatsoever that after some initial training on this new skill he will, once again, create products that will take our breath away - again.

Terry George (Founder)

Gold Solutions Group

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