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Aleksandr Oreshkin

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Bay Area Webs becomes LegitWebs
Bay Area Webs, a local Bay Area website design company, changes name to LegitWebs in anticipation of devaluation of domain names for search value., 5/27/2014 - All signs point to domain names being depreciated in SEO value and the growing value of having a brand and engaging followers. In an effort to future-proof this operation, as well as create an image based around quality, rather than locality, I have renamed Bay Area Webs to LegitWebs.

At the time of the move was ranking #1 on Google for [URL=]Bay Area Website Design[/URL] and had top positions for variations of that term within 6 months of registering the domain, at a page rank of zero. I did not like this, it was too easy and there was no challenge. Furthermore, this was not bringing any leads – possibly because people who were searching for SEO were not looking for domain-centric operations.

And so, this brings us here: to LegitWebs and the future. Currently ranked at the bottom position of Google for the same term, I am expecting the return of a top ranking within a month.

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