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Evan Smith

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Brasa Capital Management Delivers the Finest Real Estate Investment Expertise in California
Brasa Capital Management is one of the best providers of real estate investment solutions in California. Their services are widely regarded to be reliable and highly result driven., 10/10/2019 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Los Angeles, CA (Oct 03, 2019) - Brasa Capital Management is a well known real estate investment company that was founded by Eric Samek. The company regularly invests in different kinds of office, multifamily, retail and industrial projects in various parts of Texas and the Western US. From the very beginning, the main goal of Brasa Capital Management was to make well thought out investments in different targeted markets. Eric Samek Brasa has got in-depth experience in various facets of asset management which makes it possible for them to boost the returns on investment by properly managing the real estate projects and generating the best value for them.

Brasa Capital Management always tries to select the most productive geographies to work on their investment projects and specific types of products. They also make use of an approach that focuses on the fundamental value. Under the visionary guidance of Eric Samek Brasa Capital, the team at Brasa Capital Management makes use of its rich market knowledge and uses the extensive networks for making the best use of the available opportunities. This has made Brasa Capital Management an industry leader when it comes to real estate investment management.

About Brasa Capital Management

Brasa Capital Management is a professional real estate investment expert based in California known to deliver smart end solutions to their customers.

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Brasa Capital Management

Address: 2029 Century Park East, Suite 2070

Los Angeles, CA 90067

Phone Number: 310-620-2890




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