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John Dugan

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Dude, Don’t Let Self-Pleasuring Cause Male Organ Irritation
Self-pleasuring is a regular part of most men’s sensual lives, sometimes practiced on a daily basis. But there are instances when self-pleasuring may lead to unwanted male organ irritation and soreness., 2/15/2020 - Even though many men won’t admit it, all guys know there’s nothing quite like self-pleasuring. It’s not that self-pleasuring is necessarily better than other forms of sensual activity or even preferred to other forms of sensual activity – it’s that it’s the most at-hand (in more ways than one) kind of sensual activity, the most accessible. It’s also the form of sensual activity over which a guy can exercise total control (unless he is into self-pleasuring domination, of course). And when you add in that self-pleasuring even has some male organ health benefits, it’s easy to see why men spend so much time engaged in “getting to know you” sessions with their manhood. But, because it is so accessible and easy to do, some guys find that their self-pleasuring can on occasion lead to male organ irritation – and that’s not really what a guy wants.

So what are some of the things that lead to male organ irritation from self-pleasuring and what can a guy do to help prevent male organ irritation?

• Creme up. Possibly the leading cause of male organ irritation – often in the form of red, raw, sore manhood skin – comes about from self-pleasuring without sufficient (or any) lubrication. Sure, the manhood tends to provide a modest amount of pre-male seed fluid, which definitely helps to lubricate the member. But most men need more lubrication than that which the member naturally supplies and so he needs to go to other sources. There are many lubricants out there made just for sensual concerns like self-pleasuring, but there also are other options. Petroleum jelly, hand lotion, coconut butter and in some cases plain old saliva can help lubricate the equipment. Some guys also make use of soap or shampoo, but this can be tricky; using cleansers with fragrances or chemicals may irritate delicate male organ skin (and the urethra, if it gets inside the member).

• Gripping too hard. Next to not lubing up enough, rubbing the manhood with a death grip during self-pleasuring is likely to be the next most common cause of male organ irritation. “Death grip” refers to squeezing the member too tightly, which even when lubricated may cause rawness to develop. Loosening the grip can do wonders to protect from male organ irritation. (Partners who self-stimulate a man may need to be told to loosen things up as well.)

• Self-fondling for too long. Edging – or self-stimulating right up to the threshold of releasing seed and then stopping (and repeating many times) – is popular among many self-gratifiers, especially those with plenty of time to engage in this enjoyable practice. But this may mean that a man may self-fondle essentially non-stop for several hours – and that may be too much for many manhoods, even if lubrication is reapplied generously and regularly.

• Misusing toys. More and more men are exploring the wonderful world of sensual toys and adding these aids into their sensual lives, both partner-based and solo. But there is the possibility that a guy might misuse a sensual toy in such a way that male organ irritation might follow. For example, using a manhood pump for too long a period of time might result in soreness.

Following appropriate self-pleasuring procedures can help avoid male organ irritation, as can the regular application of a top drawer male organ health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin).

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