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England World Cup Rugby Team on target for stunning gold plated REAL rose if they win tournament.
English based gold plating company offered to supply gold plated roses to team members if they won the Rugby World Cup this year., 10/27/2019 - Before the tournament started, Gold Solutions offered to provide an amazing 24k gold plated RED rose to each member of the team if they won the world cup this year.

After the amazing display of superiority over the world's number 1 team in the semi-final last Saturday, Gold Plated Roses, the marketing arm of the Gold Solutions Group, are now offering this same rose to any supporter of the English team with the opportunity to purchase the same beautiful rose at half its normal price.

This offer however is only up until the start of the final next Saturday 2nd November when this offer ends, after which it will revert to its full price.

The one and only time we have triumphed in this prestigious tournament was back in 2003 [URL=]Click Here[/URL] so this will be an amazing feat that will long be remembered and celebrated. And what better way than to own a permanent outstanding memento of that occasion with this stunning 24k gold plated rose frozen in time for ever.

When visitors to the Gold Plated Rose website [URL=]Click Here[/URL] watch a video of these beautiful roses close up in and in detail, they cannot fail to be stunned and moved by the sheer breathtaking beauty of each rose.

Although the video with show equally stunning versions of these once real roses in Black, Pink and White versions, the Red one on this occasion is absolutely ideal for this momentous occasion.

Normally these are purchased for many other reasons such as Gifts, Rewards, Incentives, and more often now as a Tribute to a loved one who they have now lost, and it is lain on their casket as a final poignant way of honouring that person.

This specific offer however is aimed at this rare opportunity to celebrate what should be great magnificent sporting achievement in England. For all English sporting fans this would be a wonderful and everlasting reminder of such a momentous occasion.

Watch the video on the website on the website and it is guaranteed that you will just have to buy one!

Good Luck England

Terry George (Founder)

Gold Solutions Group

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