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Gold Solutions

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Gold Solutions announces the launch of its new Electroforming and Electroplating small business kits
With the ever growing increase in new start-up businesses in the UK, one of the leading exponents of 'fully inclusive' start-up business in a box packages has now launched its new website.

Yellow Yolk - Yellow Egg, 2/09/2019 - Having dominated the gold plating start-up business packages for over 12 years Gold Solutions has launched Electroforming Kits and Electroplating Kits Click Here giving new and existing clients the chance to gold plate almost any item simply and with no skill requirement whatsoever.

When they held display stands at trade shows they always attracted huge interest in visitors seeing unusual items gold plated, such as kettles, golf clubs, bathroom taps etc. That has now changed however as the new 'kids on the block' tend to be things like gold plated Lego figures, silk flowers, babies' booties - with the outright winner with the public being 24k gold plated fresh farm eggs.

Whilst that has a fun side to it, there is an almost entirely untapped business opportunity for people buying the kits that allow them to be creative in ways not thought of yet. There is also a movement beginning to incorporate this amazing technique with 3D printing taking matters even further.

The Founder of the Gold Solutions Group, Terry George, states "when we started in this industry over 14 years ago gold plating ordinary items was seen as quite frivolous - which I suppose it was to most but not everyone.

14 years on the world is completely different as there now is a huge group of people who think instead of 'why' when considering frivolous things to do they are thinking 'why not'. The notion of people spending large sums of money on simple things like designer t-shirts, or in-vogue restaurants is so common now that the high streets are full of people daily spending £2.50 to £5 just on a coffee - several times a day.

There is such a shortage of small companies even in the UK that as suppliers of the kits we are constantly being asked if we can gold plate items such as quantities of Snap-On Tools wrenches.

We are contacted daily by businesses and companies that want items gold plated to enhance their corporate image or products - Plaques and sculptures in reception areas, swords, and we even had a company that wanted the whole of the casing of an alarm system plated in 24k gold - a case of 'why not' if ever there was one"

With extremely high profits available and no skill required, the only thing people need to succeed is a combination of drive, ambition and an active imagination as all packages come with completely free and unlimited telephone and email support. Buyers can even receive a 2 day induction training course in their own home Click Here

Terry George "Most people are frightened by things that stand out from the norm, be it in the clothes that they wear or running their own business instead of just being told what to do. It is quite normal and the last thing they should do is start a new business up as it will always be hard work and challenging, and if you want to earn lots of money but don't want to work hard then get £500,000 and buy a MacDonald's franchise.

With our completely unique business opportunities it is still up to you if you want to succeed, but at least you get to exploit a company with over 14 years' experience in gold plated business building - and it is completely free and unlimited then maybe we can just add the 'smart' to help you avoid a bit of the 'hard work"

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