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Evan Smith

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Happy Bam Returns with A New ?? ?? for More Clitoral Stimulation
Korea’s leading pleasure brand, Happy Bam, today publicized a brand new pleasure idea to fight long-standing and wrong conjectures about the clitoris, one of the most exclusive and misread organs in the human body., 1/13/2021 - Korea (January 14, 2021) - The designer pleasure product from ??? (ona hall) collection uses pulses and sonic waves rather than conventional vibrations to rouse the whole clitoris, including the much larger internal structure further than the well-known external part. This lets straight stimulation of 75% more of the clitoris than that provided by a normal ???.

Introduced with an amazing introductory offer, to steer at the beginning of a new year, the product does away with the traditional vibrating motors in favor of world-first sonic tech. Owing to a sonic pad in the mouth of the device, it produces sonic pulses that reverberate into the clitoris and are passed on all through its whole body, for a feeling that appears to come from deep within you, as opposed to a traditional ???, which applies its vibrations straight and just onto the surface. The consequence? A climax that also seems like it comes from a deeper place, and a more pleasing orgasmic experience.

Happy Bam CMO said, “Better insight on female pleasure is significantly vital. It lays the basis for personal empowerment on a private basis, which in turn can add to deep improvements in gender equality.”

About Happy Bam:

Happy Bam is an adult merchandises site that sells a plethora of healthful products like condoms, ??? ??, lubricating gel, etc. that can be shipped all across the world.

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Happy Bam

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