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Evan Smith

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Happy Bam Reveals How Changing Attitudes to Gender and ?? Toys Will Impact ?? ?? In 2021
Happy Bam, Korea’s leader in pleasure, positive ?? ??, prostate massaging as well as pegging are set to become big trends in 2021 as society breaks away from the attitude that some pleasures are just for one kind of ?? orientation or gender., 1/13/2021 - Korea, January 14, 2021: As 2020 continued to bring gender expression and ?? identity to the vanguard of conventional conversation, Happy Bam observed a shift in ?? ?? sales, with prostate massagers going up the ranks to become one of the top sold pleasure items.

Happy Bam reports that ?? pleasure and ?????? (male self-defense) is the most commonly asked topic they received going into 2021, with “which toys to use”, “which items can be shared by partners” as well as “the top techniques” all making up the leading three questions, with inquiries regarding pegging techniques on the rise too.

2020 witnessed sales of male ?? pleasure objects rise by close to 200% and Happy Bam looks forward to an additional exponential rise of as much as 400% through 2021 as ???? getting more recognition. Chief Marketing Officer at Happy Bam says, “It appears that we are approaching a significant mass of ?? in 2021. There is a rising gulf between conservative and liberal attitudes all through the western world, and commonly speaking the more progressive liberal side is rising at a quicker pace than the conservative ???.”

About Happy Bam:

Happy Bam is a Korean store that sells adult items to customers the world over.

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