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Marcus Korsten
Emily Appleton

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Jack Lloyd, Portfolio Manager at Marcus Korsten in Switzerland (Q2 Holdings)
Technological advances have impacted nearly every industry, including banking., 9/14/2018 - Modern consumers now expect that their banks will seamlessly meet all of their financial needs online.

Given that reality, how can small regional and community banks afford to offer their customers these services? One answer is to partner with Q2 Holdings. Q2 is a software-as-a-service business that enables banks will small budgets to offer their customers services such as mobile deposit, peer-to-peer payments, online bill-pay, and more. Using the company's platform enables small banks to effectively compete against industry giants that can afford to invest hundreds of millions into their own tech platforms.

Q2's value proposition is compelling for small banks, so the company has been signing up new customers for years.....


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