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Evan Smith

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Lightnin Hopkins, the Master of Guitar Known for His Blues
A music lover acknowledges, “Lightnin is now past and many years after his death, his music is still alive., 5/16/2018 - Texas, USA (May 16, 2018) / suggest that Lightnin Hopkins, the acclaimed guitarist has a significance influence on guitarists. He used a simple yet effective guitar technique which attracted the senses of more and more listeners. He used treble strings to play “Baby Please Don’t Go”, one of his renditions. Many won’t consider this to be a good notion for a guitarist but Lightnin Hopkins Guitar made it work. He used his guitar quite normally. His acoustic guitar was generally a regular tuning. Those who know him admitted that he was skilled in slow guitar blues. He was hailed as a master in his art. Hopkins was popular in Texas and other parts of the USA. His compositions are recalled by music lovers around the world.

Many believe that his soft music had the ability to alter the mood of the environment. His art was difficult to copy. He mastered playing the instrument such that he could enchant the audience with his compositions. Lightnin referred to as the cool of the blues, his huge stage presence was a result of his skills and experience in playing the instrument. His start was humble, from the streets of Texas he went on to play at events across the USA, he made extensive tours to Europe and all that made him popular. Those who knew the guy can only say that he has got style as well as panache.

A music lover acknowledges, “Lightnin is now past and many years after his death, his music is still alive. Hopkins played the Lightnin Hopkins blues and his musical style can be compared to rock and roll or Jazz music “. Many music lovers admire Lightnin Hopkins and they acknowledge that the person was very much respected among the people of USA. Hopkins throughout his lifetime has taped for roughly 20 different labels. He is the national blues artist of the highest cadre. Since the day of his first recording, Hopkins is credited to have recorded 85 albums. Hopkins is said to have refined on both electrical and acoustic guitars. Undoubtedly, Hopkins impacted American music and his music motivated countless musicians with his originality and style.

About Lightnin Hopkins

Born in Texas in 1912, Hopkins’s past has remained a bit shady. The turning point came in his life when he recorded his first music. Since then there is no stopping for the guy and he continued recording music until he died. He became quite popular among the US people with his hit “Shotgun Blues”.

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