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NJ Property Records Is Proud to Offer Statewide access to NJ Tax Maps, Ownership Records, and much m
NJPR recently launched their new website for people to easily obtain the property tax records and tax maps that they’re seeking. Visit the website to learn more about NJ Tax Maps and other property-based information., 7/14/2019 - (14nd July, 2019): NJ Property Records is all set to move forwards with its latest property database, to cover the entire state of New Jersey Property Record Lookups, with ease. Property Records ranging from NJ Tax Maps, Zoning Maps, Mailing Labels, Downloading raw Data, and other real estate base records, this company now has simplified access to the historical and current property tax records and maps. To browse these property records, visit, enter in an address, block/lot, or the owners last name to retrieve a comprehensive property report.

Other than enjoying the services of Statewide property records and NJ Tax Maps, users can search for multiple properties on the same block or street, as well. They must provide the name of the municipality or the county, the block number or street name, and then click on the search button. All the results will be displayed in the result grid, offering valid information about the properties available within the searched block or street. To find additional NJ Tax Records, there is a separate tab called “Recent Sales” available from the official website. Here, people must enter the name of the municipality or county, and the last name before clicking on the “search button.”

In a recent press conference, the leading spokesperson of this company was heard saying, “Our web-based property information platform is well trusted by over 25,000 real estate professionals for NJ Tax Assessment Records in New Jersey. Being in this field for quite some time now, gave us the opportunity to procure such information from multiple government sources. So, we know the authenticity of the assessments and records we are offering our clients with. They can trust us with the best service when it comes to NJ Parcel Information and other property records.”

This source happens to be the ultimate NJ property recording source, where clients can view the tax assessment records, for free. No membership or fee associated with property tax record search. Users can browse, filter and even export data to Microsoft Excel. These property records get updated on a weekly basis, no need to worry if the data is stale!

About the company:

NJ Property Records is a web-based property information platform, offering pages of over 3 million properties in New Jersey. This site has the capability to provide a whole lot of information, like maps and property records, which have been aggregated from multiple government sources. It proves the authenticity of the site.

For more details, visit

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