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Evan Smith

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The best in Dry Cleaning Computer Systems has to be the Comca Systems
Comca Systems is the leading developer of POS systems for dry cleaning. These systems have been successfully securing inventory and tracking inventory while scheduling the up-to-date for the orders., 8/13/2019 - (13 Aug, 2019): Comca Systems has helped in upgrading the business of dry cleaning. Each day there are lists of laundry tasks that must be accomplished. Therefore, a POS for Dry Cleaners helps in management of cash easily and securely. The inventory influx is ever-changing with schedules to be tracked, operational and cash management demands, it is a necessity that establishments of dry cleaning have all the efficient tools so that business can run smoothly.

Besides developing POS Android Software for Cleaners, Comca Systems has also developed Mobile developed Route Android Software for Cleaners. Such a rout driver shows any of the customer notes and manifest like “gate-keys”, where they need to be hanged and others. Software like this, shows when the orders get loaded on to the trucks, show map directions on maps and helps to send texts and emails to the customers from tablets.

Dry Cleaning Computer Systems are easy-to-use, versatile and really simple. Some of the features involve time clock, position reports, void invoices, edit invoices, time clock and help in changing the status of invoices.

at a recent press meet the founder was met up with and on being asked as to how Comca Systems have been the ultimate game changer for dry cleaners, he replied “I am glad to be answering that question because our Dry Cleaners POS System has a base system that is versatile. It takes care of all the basic procedures of POS. for better suiting the needs, our users can add more or one of the modules available. These modules include labeling system, system of receivable accounts etc.”

About Comca Systems

Danish Innovator of Software established the Comca Systems, Inc.,. He was assisted by his wide named Mirza Jensen in the year 1989. During the year of 1989, members belonging to the industry of dry cleaning contacted Jensen with request that they require a POS system that is adaptable and can be used easily as per the need of the cleaner, Consequently the first POS was installed in the year 1990 in Tampa. Today, it is one of the leading developer of software for making applications of the cleaning industry for POS (point-of-sales), store managers, systems of home delivery, route systems, accounts receivable and drop-store delivery.

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