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Gold Plating Guild

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The Gold Plating Guild are pleased to announce the launch of Precious Plating based in Cheshire.
As the latest members of the largest network of Gold Plating Specialists in the world, Precious Plating can now offer exclusive bespoke plating services to all trades and industries, as well as to the general public., 1/15/2018 - The Gold Plating Guild click here launched over 5 years ago now boasts the largest single body of electroplating specialists in the world.

As well as supporting its members, the Gold Plating Guild leads the way in introducing its new members into the county and local area that they operate their business from. With more and more 'service' companies springing up in the UK it is important that they are all made known in their own locality and the Gold Plating Guild recommends the named business below to the Cheshire community.

Based in Winsford, Cheshire, Precious Plating click here are now members of the Guild who offer their unique services in and around the County of Cheshire. They offer a fully mobile service which can be provided In-House if required and free quotations to all interested parties.

Whilst they provide all forms of electroplating including Platinum, Rhodium, Silver, Chrome as well as the growing desire for 'Rose' Gold - to mention a few, their main services are based on luxurious 24k Gold plating as this is the most popular choice of clients wishing to upgrade their own standard products into unique De-Luxe versions of that product which are not found in the High Street.

Applications of this service are often provided, for example, by creating upgraded versions of various new car models where badges and trim are treated in-house with luxurious 24k Gold. This can also be very useful for certain brands of car, or motor cycles, where there is a perceived advantage over local competitors by offering a 'limited edition' version of a specific standard model.

Another application could be also applied to high quality Bathrooms showrooms who, up to now, are only able to offer a very limited range of taps and fitting in Gold, and these can only be seen in a catalogue.

With this new option a customer can choose ANY design of tap and have them Gold plated to order, which can sometimes lead to the customer choosing to have all the other 'chrome' fittings normally found in bathrooms plated too.

In all of these cases the showroom need only hold 1 example of how these products look to their customers, a single demonstrator car with gold plated badges or a single pair of gold plated taps in just one design. Once the customer chooses this option the dealer/showroom need only contact Precious Plating with the delivery date requirement for that service and Precious Plating will do the rest.

Demand for this type of sophisticated bespoke service is required in today's world by retailers of certain products, internal designers, property developers, antique dealers and restorers, car and motor bike specialists and many other service providers, as well as individuals who simply do not want to just accept what is the 'norm.

This Press Release is provided by the Gold Plating Guild for the express benefit of Precious Plating and is not to be used for any other purpose.

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