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Pareesh Phulkar

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Vaccine Adjuvant Market Development and Trends Forecasts Report 2018-2026
Adjuvant is key material that is expressed as a part of vaccine, which boost its capability to promote defense mechanism against infection., 9/13/2019 - Adjuvant is key material that is expressed as a part of vaccine, which boost its capability to promote defense mechanism against infection. Adjuvant supports to activate immune system and permit the antigens pathogen constituents that cause an immune response in vaccines to prompt long period protective immunity. An efficient vaccine promotes both innate immunity as well as adaptive immunity, in which innate immunity is activated immediately when immune cells spots a pathogen. Successively after several days the adaptive immunity is expanded and coordinated, as immune cells called

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T and B cells. Adjuvants are important as they lead to immune memory which in later activate the innate immune response, subsequently leading to improved adaptive immunity with improved activation of T and B cells. According to 2015, report published by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Alum was the only vaccine adjuvant used in U.S. till 2009, later HPV vaccine called as Cervarix was approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Less immunogenicity of modern adjuvants is propelling demand for development of more efficient adjuvants in vaccines. Researchers and market players are majorly investing in R&D for development of safe and effective vaccine adjuvants, in turn boosting market growth.

Market Dynamics

Increasing prevalence of naïve infectious chronic diseases around the globe is the major factor propelling demand for more improved and long lasting vaccination. Moreover, factors such as growing support of government in research and development, high incidences of epidemic outbreaks, tactical development interchanges adopted by companies such as acquisitions, agreements, and collaborations are supporting growth of the vaccine adjuvants market. For instance, in July 2017, the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Nerlynx a product of Puma Biotechnology Inc.

for adjuvant treatment of breast cancer. Such innovations are driving growth of the vaccine adjuvants market. However, restrains such as side effects and high toxicity of adjuvants on application, huge investment required for developing a new adjuvant and strict regulatory requirements are expected to hinder growth of vaccine adjuvants market. For instance, an article published in 2016, Scientific Reports Journal revealed the toxicity of aluminum adjuvants in clinically approved various human vaccinations.

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