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What Are the Options For Asbeshave the roof repaired or replaced. It is a decision that should be le
have the roof repaired or replaced. It is a decision that should be left up to the residents and their doctors., 6/30/2020 - There is a plan to remove Mold Removal Santa Clara CA asbestos in San Mateo, California. It is the second largest city in San Francisco. If this plan were put into place, it would mean all homes and businesses in the area would be free of asbestos.

The removal of asbestos in San Mateo began in 1986 when the city Council decided to give the job to the San Mateo County and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It has not been easy.

When asbestos was used before it was banned, there was no warning of the health hazards associated with it. No one really knew what was in the dust, the fabrics or the ceiling tiles. Many doctors never even suspected it might be a problem.

In order to see if a home had asbestos there would be an X-ray taken and then a thorough inspection of the home. The inspector would look for it, if he found it, he would make note of it. If the home was at risk for exposure to the inspector would send it for asbestosis screening. This was a very expensive service.

The San Mateo homeowners association did not want to spend the money on asbestos abatement. They said it would cost too much. The Association did try to talk the EPA into letting them do asbestosis screening at their own expense.

It turned out that most people did not have any problems with asbestosis screening. It is only the babies who were too young for screening and it does not seem to be linked to cancer in babies. The children seemed to be fine.

When asbestos was still being used in San Mateo, it took a long time to get rid of it. Many homes were rebuilt because there was so much of it. Asbestos removal companies worked quickly to complete the task, but they just could not get rid of it.

They thought it was the stress of the debris put on the roof of the building that made it hard to get rid of. However, this was not the case. The ceiling tiles were more likely to be damaged.

The only way to remove asbestos from the top layer of a building in San Mateo was to remove the entire ceiling. This is not an option for everyone. The cost would be too high.

There are three options for removing asbestos from San Mateo. They are demolition, removal from the top of the building or asbestos abatement. There is also the option of removing the ceiling tile, this is called asbestos abatement.

San Mateo residents should be wary of which of these options they choose. It is possible that the roof of a building that has asbestos could collapse. At least one person would be injured and there would be other problems with water damage.

It is possible to remove asbestos from San Mateo. However, it is very expensive and the alternative is to have the roof repaired or replaced. It is a decision that should be left up to the residents and their doctors.

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