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What Does Space X and Big M Entertainment (HQGE) Have in Common?
Visionaries are often ridiculed for their unorthodox thinking. It takes a special breed of intellect to repel negativity when faced with the challenge of having to create a paradigm shift. Space X and Big M Entertainment (HQGE) are doing exactly that

Elon | Marvin Williams, 4/07/2021 - Generational entrepreneurs don't come along very often hence the phrase. When Elon Musk set out to alter humanity's perception of space travel he inadvertently set civilization on a new course of individualism. Following his initial success of creating a 'unicorn' (a billion dollars or higher valuation in a company), PayPal was only the stepping stone in the - Musk hyper revolution.


In order to bolster revolutionary thinking, one has to embody a larger then life persona. Having the right ingredients and pedigree takes time to assemble and is often misconstrued by their peers for toxic masculinity. These are just some of the cons of being a revolutionary thinker. Taking a step outside one's comfort zone isn't exactly easy even for a zealot. It does however require an unwavering obsession and relentless effort.

Elon Musk has always engendered a can do attitude and an uncanny capacity for resourcefulness. Part of the markings of a serial entrepreneur is their ability to make things happen even when the objective seems unachievable. Not to mention the unforeseen obstacles in an uncharted territory. It is precisely these challenges that these entrepreneurs like to overcome and prove their feasibility.

Big M Entertainment (HQGE) of Hollywood has a similar narrative with the embrace of microbudget films. During these challenging times Marvin has started producing reputable projects with a big bang. His embrace of high tech special effects created in-house has enabled his company to leap frog big production houses. Part of his secret sauce comes from being an accredited producer from big productions in recent past.


They say it's easier to follow the sheep then it is to innovate. On it's face this makes some sense. Most people have heard horror stories from their family and friends regarding failed endeavors which creates an underlying mistrust for anything out of the ordinary. It is difficult to argue against bad experience. But Elon and Marvin have gumption as well as a path in their mind which they cannot communicate with ordinary thinkers.

The thought patterns of innovators differ from the mundane linear thought processes of the common folk. Consequently, it is unrealistic for them to have believers until after they prove their success. Not only does it take courage to face uncertainty but it also involves scrutiny. These revolutionaries don't care for being extolled, it is the satisfaction of overcoming the obstructions while forging a new model that they are after. Their DNA is coded differently.

Nowhere is this more evident then in the value reflected in their company's stocks. In the case of Elon Musk, the cult of personality and meme culture extraordinaire status has been interpreted as a parabolic value add. Non conforming to traditional fundamentally based valuation, Elon's followers have attributed his super human engineering as the top component of the value chain.

Marvin Williams of Big M Entertainment (HQGE) has essentially added very similar results to his company's value proposition. By incorporating high quality scripts with low production costs Big M is making giant strides in an industry that is still trying to figure out the new model...

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