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michael blaney

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What does TITLEMAX and ARG RIVER MOTORS, an ex texas mouthy lawyer and HYRE CAR all have common
Companies who unethical business and practices have ruined destroyed life without regard, 6/10/2021 - From JULY 2019 TIL JAN 1 I made $7300 driving UBER, is that a lot.

Well considering the car was in the SHOP that I bought from ARG RIVER MOTORS every months for weeks, YES, the facts are that DOES contact towards possible income when it is in the shop or issues like that arise.

Bottom line I am doing a video today and I will be releasing it on everything these companies did and not only proof I have but I am sending it to every government official and every where virually and attaching it to every page these companies have out to make sure I get the help I need against these companies who do not care if they did they would not have either broken laws, deceptive sale trade and or ignored a customer cause their product did not work.

And TITLEMAX has lied , hid documents from me, sent out false documents, stole my personal property refused to give it back, STOLE MY CAR, and so much more, sold two loans to me, lied about everything there, GAVE me 1 page contract when I left, munlipated.

Here is biggest thing, I am someone who does not chase things even if I know I am right, cause most things are not worth it, these companies criminal activity or deceptive selling sits right there out in open for anyone to see.

if you need help against these companies or you know more and want share your story, email me MICHAEL BLANEY

TITLEMAX is the ringworm of the pandemic.

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