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Maximize opportunities and make today COUNT!!
Be Courageous and Live Your Best Life...

Media exec Janice Hollis, 9/13/2017 - New York. Media executive and international business consultant Janice Hollis invites you to take .60 seconds to infuse your life.

It is the greatest joy to come your way each Wednesday with words of encouragement and to share effective strategies to propel you forward; to remind you of your greatness and ability to make positive strategy happen every day. As well as offer opportunities to connect to our global community to enrich the lives of others.

Today, I encourage you to pause and remember just how blessed you are . . . there comes a time when nothing is worth holding onto that limits your ability to soar in life as God intended. Be courageous to find your rhythm and get understanding of the Divine Order assigned to your life and walk therein. This is important, embrace your CHAIROS moment… it’s divinely ordered and prepared for you so get rid of mental clutter so you can manifest according to your potential in this season.

With all of life’s overwhelming challenges, find a space just for you to hear the VOICE that’s calling you higher that can only be truly adhered to when you quiet your SOUL. So, stop taking on more than you can handle and maximize what is already yours.

And last, but not least, let's increase our compassion for those impacted by the Hurricanes. Pray for comfort and personal renewal. We are all connected . . .

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Your partner in Success.

Janice Hollis

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