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Janice Hollis

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Hollis Media Group
created on: 9/19/2014
A leading provider of media and publishing solutions. The international gateway for independent authors, distributor of CD and music products.

Latest Briefings:
New Book Why Faith Works For Some and Not For Others penned by international author Rodney Waller" 73 views
5/21/2018, When your faith is on trial it is time to power up and tap into the divine power at your disposal... read more
Authors Your Chance to Win 5K - contact Hollis Media Group to learn more 64 views
5/21/2018, Register and submit your manuscript for the chance to win $5,000 and published in Publishers Weekly magazine... read more
Join media producer Janice Hollis on her Power Up campaign 104 views
5/16/2018, Playing it safe will only keep you marginalized and unfulfilled. . . read more
Authors submit manuscript for chance to win 5K 70 views
5/10/2018, All finalists will receive a blurb from a bestselling/award read more
Janice Hollis and the Power Up Nation - it's time to "REASSESS" 64 views
5/10/2018, Join us as we scan the globe and change the world... lend your talent read more
Janice Hollis Invites You To Power Up Wednesday Yeah! Unleash The Know How 144 views
4/25/2018, Media executive Janice Hollis empowers busy professionals, moms, dads, and students to Unleash the Power Within read more
Dunn Pearson, Jr. (the Black Beethoven) awarded 2018 Decathlon Of Music Entertainment Award 190 views
4/24/2018, Pearson is lauded as one of the top five African American composers such as Quincy Jones, Bernard Drayton and a few others to have success to every genre . . . read more
Empower Your life with "Why Faith Works For Some and Not For Others" PRE-ORDER TODAY! 119 views
4/23/2018, This amazing transformational book written by Bishop Rodney Waller, a leading champion in teaching spiritual principles that have transformed thousands... read more
PREORDER Why Faith Works For Some And Not For Others new book coming May 2018 209 views
4/16/2018, Empower Your Life with Faith with the Faith Doctor's New Release... read more
Your Goal It Is Always Worth It! 126 views
4/11/2018, Make winning and living better a lifestyle. One that looks good on you... read more

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