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Janice Hollis

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Hollis Media Group
created on: 9/19/2014
A leading provider of media and publishing solutions. The international gateway for independent authors, distributor of CD and music products.

Latest Briefings:
Composer Dunn Pearson's Score of Native Son With Oprah Winfrey Mirrors Real Life Experience 95 views
7/18/2018, "Every time I hear Oprah's character begging for Bigger Thomas' life in the movie reminds me of hearing my own mother beg for my life and it affects me deeply." Said Pearson. read more
Power Up Wednesday with Media Executive Janice Hollis 66 views
7/18/2018, POWER UP WEDNESDAY with Janice Hollis and the Power Up Nation of Believers who are scanning the globe and changing the world ... read more
New Tv Show The Ladies Cafe With Janice Hollis 56 views
7/18/2018, At the Ladies Cafe women have so much to say-never a dull moment and you won't believe where the talk leads... read more
New TV Show The Ladies Cafe Coming This Fall 81 views
7/17/2018, Where women have a lot to say ... LADIES, submit your backstory... read more
The Yes Model Audio Companion For Busy Professionals, Moms, Dads, Students Get Your Copy! 64 views
7/12/2018, The YES MODEL is a combination of life and business strategies that have effective propelled Janice Hollis through life as a noted author, owner of a mult-media firm and producer read more
Living Worthwhile Dreams 119 views
7/11/2018, Janice Hollis and the POWER UP NATION invites you to infuse your day with power to transform your landscape and reconnect to divine order... read more
Records Are Meant To Be Broken - GET your copy of the YES MODEL audio companion 71 views
7/09/2018, Ideal for those in Sales, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Supervisors and College Students. You get to do something wonderful with your life when you say YES!!! read more
Happy Independence Day-it's Power Up Wednesday "don't Pack It In!" 118 views
7/04/2018, If you're at a CROSSROAD - don't lose heart. It's time to say YES to new possibilities and change the landscape... read more
Finally, the YES Model by Media Executive and International Business Consultant Janice Hollis 78 views
6/27/2018, You cannot control everything and sometimes the fluctuations of life will knock the wind out of you but you don't ever have to be a victim. You can start over. read more
LOOKING FOR YOUR NEXT SPEAKER? Introducing Nicole Showell, a dynamic speaker and author 82 views
6/27/2018, If your organization is in need a MORALE booster, contact us to connect Nicole Showell for your next empowerment session read more

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