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Janice Hollis

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Hollis Media Group
created on: 9/19/2014
A leading provider of media and publishing solutions. The international gateway for independent authors, distributor of CD and music products.

Latest Briefings:
Make it a Lifestyle - You Were Born For This 114 views
3/22/2018, You can never live limited unless that is your choice because packaged within you is Dunamis. read more
Women History Month - Girls, It Gets Better 64 views
3/14/2018, The prompting of the universe that is beckoning you to go a little farther, read more
New Book Release "Masculine Vulnerabilities" By Lauded Record Producer & Author 86 views
3/07/2018, This book is not just about romantic escapades, though, there were many, including losing his then long-time girlfriend to a noted entertainer who was his music idol-- Stevie Wonder. read more
Power Up Wednesday Your Power Segment It Is Time To Trust 88 views
3/07/2018, TRUST YOUR GUT!So, today, make the investment to go deeper. To look for answers and never settle until resolution come . . . read more Network To Empower Busy Professionals 65 views
3/05/2018, Good morning Monday Morning Winners! You can choose your path to greatness by doing one thing... read more
New Release Eugene Tidwell Pre Order "If My Hood Could See What My Ears Couldn't Hear" 118 views
3/01/2018, If My Hood Could See What My Ears Could Not Hear speaks of tremendous courage and determination to succeed... A MUST READ. read more
Janice Hollis Power UP Wednesday Segment Now Active 71 views
2/28/2018, Doing, Learning, Listening, And Sharing-it Is Everything. read more
Seize the Opportunity to POWER UP "BY DOING".. Join media executive Janice Hollis 67 views
2/21/2018, No better time than the present to do something AWESOME. Let's start by believing read more
Under Siege By The Cbc (congressional Black Caucus) The Political Betrayal Of Black America Again 154 views
2/12/2018, Our Black Politicians did it to us again. The disgrace before the global community by the CBC read more
Under Siege-Black America! The Misrepresentation Of The Congressional Black Caucus. 110 views
2/08/2018, The misnomer that the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) is the exclusive representation for Blacks in America must be reassessed. It is a fallacy... read more

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