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Search Engine Optimization Tips

Here are five tips on how to improve your website ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Create a blog, or multiple blogs.

Longtail Keywords:
Don't just create a list of keywords. You can also create longtail keywords (e.g. pr, pr submission, free pr submission, press releases, press release submission, free press release submission, etc.).

Post comments on blogs:
Write comments on other people's blogs with information that refers back to your website.

Social Bookmarking:
Use social bookmarking sites like and to bookmark your website.

Submit Press Releases:
Submit articles or press releases to sites like and point links back to your website.

Now take a look at the ads on this page. Most likely there are some for SEO companies. Check them out. Some are better than others but the idea is to get as many sites on the internet to point back to your site. It may take some time but keep at it and pretty soon you'll see your search engine ranking improve. And you don't need to spend a dime - not on anyway.

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