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3603 Edison Place
Rolling Meadows, IL

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Best Inc.
created on: 1/18/2021
BEST Inc. provides PCB and component test, repair, and rework services. These services also include consulting expertise on processor rework problems. They act as an outsourced reverse logistics supplier, including turnkey receiving, shipping, and repair services. The individuals looking for PCB rework training should consult BEST Inc.

Latest Briefings:
BEST Inc. Enrolls Individuals on IPC-A-610 Courses in Illinois 148 views
5/13/2022, BEST Inc.'s spokesperson said, "When clients complete the IPC-A-620 training and certification tests, BEST Inc. issues them a certificate. read more
BEST Inc. Provides Solder Training Courses in Indiana and Illinois 144 views
5/11/2022, BEST Inc., an excellence-driven electronic company, offers solder training services in Illinois and Indiana. read more
BEST Inc. Tackles Repairs and Replating Services in Illinois 133 views
5/05/2022, BEST Inc., also known as Business Electronic Soldering Technologies, is a soldering training company that specializes in teaching instructors and technicians. read more
BEST Inc. PCB Repair Training Courses are Now Online 162 views
4/13/2022, BEST Inc.’s spokesperson said, "For about 20 years or more, BEST, Inc. has provided technicians of other companies with standard IPC certification training in different parts of the United States of America. read more
BEST Inc. Produces Circuit Board Epoxy Repair Kits for Individuals in Illinois 132 views
4/13/2022, BEST Inc. is a highly-rated solder training firm and at the top in IPC training techniques and understanding . read more
BEST Inc. Offers Epoxy Repair Kits and AOI Inspection Services for PCBs to Electronic Companies 158 views
3/11/2022, BEST Inc., a quality-driven and reputable electronic company, offers AOI inspection services and provides technicians with epoxy repair kits. read more
BEST Inc. Offers Reliable IPC A-620 Training and Certification 181 views
3/11/2022, At BEST Inc., clients have several options on the format in which they want to be trained. The options include at their facilities, at the company's facility, or their industry's only mobile solder training vehicle. read more
HGVC Offers The Best Quality HGV Training Services in the UK 131 views
3/03/2022, HGVC offers quality training courses for each licence category in the UK. They pride themselves on having the highest pass rates in the business. Thus, clients can rest assured of getting high-quality training solutions. read more
BEST Inc. offers high-quality professional repair services 136 views
3/03/2022, BEST Inc. offers an extensive range of IPC certification programs. One of their programs is the IPC 7711/21 certification course. The program generally provides training to people interested in reworking and repairing physical damage to PCBs. read more
BEST Inc. Provides IPC Hand Soldering Training and Solder Gold 153 views
3/02/2022, BEST Inc., a highly professional soldering company, provides IPC hand soldering training and solder gold plating kits for student technicians from other electronic companies. read more

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