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Patricia Muraoka

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Discount Pumps
created on: 6/10/2019
Welcome to Discount Pumps! Since 2003, we are your one stop source for all your outdoor pond fountain and decorative lake aerator needs, LED lighting, pond maintenance supplies at large discounts! Quality with affordability!! Why pay more!!!

Latest Briefings:
Toxic Blue-green Algae Is A Threat, So What Steps Can You Take To Protect Yourself And Pets 79 views
9/02/2019, Most of us have heard recently about the growing concern of algae blooms in our waterways. Particularly blue-green algae and its harmful, devastating effects on our lakes and ponds, their aquatic life, pets and humans. read more
How Does Lake Aeration Help To Get Rid Of Ammonia In Your Lake 71 views
8/27/2019, Eliminating ammonia by aeration is absolutely necessary for the survival of fish. It is so crucial for pond owners to understand how much needs to be removed prior to getting rid of ammonia in the pond. Ammonia has a sour order and is used for many a read more
Affordable, High-Quality Pond Fountains and Aerators from Discount Pumps 116 views
8/17/2019, The following press release provides detailed information about a leading service provider that offers pond fountains, pond aerators and pond maintenance supplies to customers at discounted rates. read more
Knowing The Correct Electrical Requirements Ahead Of Time Can Save A Lot Of Headaches 88 views
7/31/2019, Follow a few simple steps and you can avoid the headaches of installing a pond fountain or aerator and then realizing you haven't followed the proper electrical requirements. read more
How To Avoid The Green Monster 97 views
7/31/2019, The summer days get hotter and hotter and ponds that are not aerated lose oxygen quickly, allowing the green algae monster to growth out of control. read more
Discount Pumps Provides Pond Aeration Fountains and Decorative LED Lighting 73 views
7/22/2019, Discount Pumps specializes in pond aeration and maintenance solutions. We have helped our customers turn their ponds into beautiful water features with amazing lighting options available. Our prices, old fashion customer service and warranties are... read more
Transform your property into a resort: 74 views
7/15/2019, Here are some inspiring ideas for creating an amazing backyard like something you would find at a resort.. read more
Evaporation in Ponds, Streams, Waterfalls and Fountains 86 views
7/10/2019, Any time you splash water in the air there will be some type of evaporation. How much depends on many factors. read more
Discount Pumps Recommends the Tools and Strategy for a Healthy Pond and Aquatic Environment 116 views
7/02/2019, Maintaining a pond is easier with the right tools and strategy. Reduce unwanted aquatic weeds and bottom muck to keep a healthy environment for fish and other aquatic life read more
Pond and Lake Aeration Tips 14 views
6/24/2019, Without the use of a floating aerating fountain your pond will become stagnant and smelly not to mention the algae buildup and the stress your fish will go through. read more

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