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Richard Pike
4a Whites Road
Carbonear, Nfld.

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DLC Mortgages and More
created on: 1/08/2010
Financial Services Broker: Providing our clients throughout Canada with quality choices for 1st & 2nd Residential Mortgages, debt consolidation and Commercial Leasing.

OAC our services are FREE!!

DLC has over 200 locations in Canada with 1300+ qualified professionals to assist you.

Freeph # 888-798-5550

Latest Briefings:

The Awards Go To: Dominion Lending Centres 211 views
5/05/2010, Dominion Lending Centres take 5 of the Top Prizes from the CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards read more
Learn About Mortgage Life Insurance 264 views
4/14/2010, Mortgage professionals can protect their clients' families and their homes through a mortgage life insurance policy. Providing unbiased, independent advice. read more
Construction Advance Mortgages 312 views
4/12/2010, You have purchased your Land… DLC Mortgages & More can get you a Construction Advance Mortgage or a Turn – Key Mortgage! read more
Damaged Credit? Is It Possible To Get A Mortgage? 322 views
4/09/2010, An Indepentdent Mortgage Broker is YOUR resource to reach your goal of Home ownership. read more
Mortgages Rates are Rising as Forecast! 196 views
3/30/2010, CBC News has released that 3 of Canada's Banks have uped the Mortgage Rates this morning with the other Banks expected to follow suit. read more
Home Mortgages & Refinancing..Which Way To Go? 224 views
3/24/2010, As I have earlier pointed out in my blog post: Variable Rate Mortgage - In This Current Market? read more
Home Inspection...Is It For Us? 213 views
3/21/2010, Benefits of getting a Home Inspection completed before final home purchase is completed or getting ready to list a home for sale. read more
CMHC Self-Employed Policy Changes 774 views
3/10/2010, Mortgage loan insurance applications submitted to CMHC on or after April 9th, 2010 will include different criteria for self-employed borrowers without traditional third-party validation of income. read more
Why use an Independent Mortgage Broker? 239 views
3/09/2010, How do you get your best home mortgage? Via an Independent Mortgage Broker! Multiple lenders, multiple choices. read more
Variable Rate Mortgage…. In This Current Market? 229 views
3/09/2010, Should I choose a variable rate mortgage? What info is out there for me to help make my decision? read more

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