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Ankita Mathur
28, Dona Paula

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Dr. Rajesh Sharma- Top Pediatric cardiologist
created on: 3/30/2022
Pediatric cardiology is a discipline of medication dealing with disorders of the heart and the circulatory system. The smallest sufferers require the most compassionate care. Dr. Rajesh Sharma is globally recognized as a leading pediatric cardiac health care provider for his clinical effects as well as for research and education. Dr. Rajesh Sharma offers pediatric heart surgery and cardiology care is recognized regionally and nationally for its ‘quality. Best pediatric cardiothoracic Fortis Hospital Delhi is not only geared up with the equipment, technology, and tools required for the treatment of the patients.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma

Best pediatric cardiothoracic

Fortis Hospital Delhi

Call for Appointment - +91-9860755000

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Dr. Rajesh Sharma India Offering Cardiac Care Over A Lifetime 198 views
8/05/2022, Over the years the best pediatric cardiothoracic Fortis hospital Delhi have turn out to be surprisingly popular among worldwide patients seeking out treatments as they are pretty sure to find the top possible treatment at an inexpensive price. read more
Dr. Rajesh Sharma India’s Best Approach in Treating Your Child’s Cardiac Issues 255 views
6/16/2022, Heart surgical treatment in children are indicated to restore coronary heart defects an infant is born with CHD (congenital heart defects) and heart diseases a child gets after birth. read more
Cardiac Surgical Outcomes By Dr. Rajesh Sharma India Superior to National Averages 209 views
5/17/2022, Newborns and children gets surgical operation with the health care provider and health center by Dr. Rajesh Sharma India that best meet the affected person’s needs. read more
Dr. Rajesh Sharma Provides Heart Surgery for Children in India 291 views
3/30/2022, Pediatric cardiac surgeon in Fortis to ensure children and families in India has convenient access to best quality cardiac surgical treatment, via the relationship, newborns and kids will receive surgical procedure with the physician. read more

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