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Richelle Mandy
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Dr. Vidyadhara S - Best Spine Surgeon Manipal Hospital Bangalore, India
created on: 4/14/2022
The choice to consider back surgical procedures should come after trying non-surgical or "conservative" alternatives. Dr. Vidyadhara S India provides advanced, comprehensive medical treatment for patients with back and neck problems. He uses contemporary surgical and non-surgical processes to address these troubles. Top spine specialist at Manipal Hospital Bangalore has always held to higher standard inpatient care for which he receives many honors and awards. Spine and neurosurgery service India is right here to help you with the best low-cost medical approaches. The medical services at Spine and neurosurgery service India cost about 70-80 percent lesser than in other western countries.

For Appointment or Consultation

Dr. Vidyadhara S

HOD & Consultant, Manipal Spine Care Center at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore


Phone No.: +91 9325887033

Latest Briefings:

Opt For Spine Surgery in India By Dr. Vidyadhara S in Manipal Hospital 290 views
2/05/2024, Once patients schedule an appointment with Dr. Vidyadhara S Manipal hospital, he dedicates himself to delivering exceptional surgical services, ensuring excellence in patient care and clinical outcomes. read more
Your Spine's Best Friend: Dr. Vidyadhara in Bangalore 289 views
11/07/2023, Best spine surgeon in Bangalore adopts a multi-disciplinary approach, which empowers him to provide you with a range of treatment options aimed at enhancing your quality of life. read more
Expert Hands, Healing Spines: Manipal Hospital's Top Spine Specialist in Action 301 views
8/16/2023, At Manipal Hospital Bangalore, the top spine specialist is dedicated to providing exceptional surgical services, aiming for excellence in patient care and clinical outcomes. read more
Unlocking Hope: How Dr. Vidyadhara S is Revolutionizing Spine Surgery in India 300 views
7/06/2023, Once patient book appointment with Dr. Vidyadhara, he is committed to delivering exceptional surgical services to ensure excellence in patient care and clinical outcomes. read more
Discover the Expertise of Manipal Hospital's Top Spine Specialist in Bangalore 544 views
7/02/2023, Patients who contact Dr. Vidyadhara Manipal Bangalore benefit from a multidisciplinary team approach and gain access to the full breadth of care by global leaders in development and risk mitigation. read more
Back to Life: Dr. Vidyadhara S's Remarkable Impact on Spinal Surgeries in Bangalore 398 views
6/13/2023, Best spine surgeon in Bangalore offers a multi-disciplinary approach permitting him to give you with the alternatives available for care as a way to enhance your quality of lifestyles. read more
Dr. Vidyadhara S: A Pioneer in Neurosurgery, Offering Hope and Healing to Patients Worldwide 295 views
3/03/2023, Dr. Vidyadhara S offers multi-disciplinary method to care allows him to provide you, the patient, with best practice. read more
Dr. Vidyadhara S Offers Treatment That Brings Relief for Your Spine Issues 289 views
1/31/2023, Dr. Vidyadhara S strives to exceed his patients’ expectancies with the aid of offering targeted, high-quality affected patient care. read more
Top Spine Specialist Manipal Hospital Bangalore Improving & Enhancing Your Spine Health 295 views
12/29/2022, Appointment with Dr. Vidyadhara incorporates expert spinal specialists and utilizes the latest medical equipment for diagnostics and treatment. read more
Top Spine Specialist Manipal Hospital Bangalore Safely Care for Your Spine 279 views
11/27/2022, Best spine surgeon in Bangalore is a spinal surgeon who's delicate to deal with and is first-rate amongst his patients for his real recommend and mastery in all spine associated medicines and surgical procedures. read more

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