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Franchise Law
5335 Wisconsin Ave. N.W.,
Suite 440, Washington D.C

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Franchise Law
created on: 9/03/2021
The Franchise comprises Mario L. Herman, an International Franchise lawyer. The lawyer has supported international franchisors for several years, seeking an efficient solution to settle their concerns with their franchisees.

Latest Briefings:
Mario L. Herman Provides Reliable Franchise Agreement Services 117 views
5/13/2022, Mario L. Herman, a solo practitioner, helps with franchise agreement reviews. read more
Mario Herman Simplifies the Franchise Agreement for Entrepreneurs 158 views
5/04/2022, Mario Herman is a highly recommended franchise attorney in the United States and abroad. He responds promptly and is straightforward with his answers. The attorney is never afraid to stand up for their rights. read more
Mario L. Herman Assists Franchisors in Developing a Franchise Agreement 170 views
3/24/2022, Mario L. Herman is a franchise attorney who has represented franchisees affiliated with over 115 plus franchise systems in the US and abroad. read more
Mario L. Herman Offers Professional Legal Counsel in Franchise Matters 198 views
3/24/2022, Mario L. Herman is an international franchise lawyer. The attorney's complete line of services includes arbitration and franchise agreement. read more
Mario L. Herman Offers Specialized Legal Solutions in the USA 180 views
3/15/2022, Mario L. Herman is a franchise attorney knowledgeable and experienced in handling franchise issues. read more
Mario L. Herman, A Highly Competent Attorney in the US Offers Legal Assistance for Cases 167 views
3/14/2022, Mario L. Herman, a competent franchise law firm, is a leading franchise agreement law firm in the United States. read more
Mario L.Herman Offers Legal Help Cases Related To International Franchising Law 210 views
2/05/2022, Based in Washington DC, franchisee attorney Mario L. Herman represents franchisees domestically and internationally in negotiation, arbitration, mediation, and litigation with their franchisors. read more
Mario L. Herman offers effective legal solutions to every franchise dispute 175 views
12/21/2021, Mario L. Herman, a proficient franchise law firm, is a leading franchise law attorney for every franchise dispute. read more
Mario L. Herman is Well Versed in Franchise Agreement 180 views
12/09/2021, Mario L. Herman has served as a sole proprietor in the franchise law industry both in the U.S. and abroad. The attorney works closely with prospective franchise owners and investors. He provides a full range of legal services to his clients. read more
Mario L.Herman Offers Top-of-the-line Legal Franchise Services 222 views
11/18/2021, Mario L.Herman is a franchise attorney who the ins and out of franchise law, has worked with hundreds of franchisees during his 30 plus years of experience. read more

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