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TW George
0207 871 3017
Maritime House, Maritime Close
Kent, ME2 4DJ, England

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Gold Solutions
created on: 10/04/2013
Worldwide suppliers of low-cost start-up small businesses gold plating kits and chemicals.

With over 3000 clients worldwide offering gold plating to the public and trade, with items like i-phones and i-pods, bathroom fittings, personalised 24k gold plated gifts created from ordinary metal household items.

No skill required and incomes in excess of £50 per hour these low cost gold plating kits (starting for under £100) can also be used to plate with Platinum, Rhodium, Silver, Chrome, Nickel and Copper.

Every kit buyer also becomes a member of the world's only Golf Plating guild free of charge for the first year.

Latest Briefings:

Working from home - one of the more positive consequences of the awful Coronavirus disease. 146 views
3/18/2020, Even at this early stage of this worldwide disease companies and individually are realising the benefits of people working from home. More and more it will be realised that working at home is far more cost effective and better for the environment.. read more
England World Cup Rugby Team on target for stunning gold plated REAL rose if they win tournament. 163 views
10/27/2019, English based gold plating company offered to supply gold plated roses to team members if they won the Rugby World Cup this year. read more
Gold Solutions have broken all the rules on what you get with low-cost start-up businesses 155 views
6/19/2019, Starting a new business from scratch is the most common way of breaking away from being employed, but without help and guidance in the first few months most new businesses do not survive. read more
Gold Plated Gifts Group UK are offering free entry to any buyer of their updated gold plating kits. 194 views
4/12/2019, After launching their new project of creating 'local' registries of gold plating specialists in all UK Counties, Gold Solutions have decided to allow all new buyers of their gold plating business opportunity packages free membership to this group. read more
Gold Solutions announces the launch of its new Electroforming and Electroplating small business kits 421 views
2/09/2019, With the ever growing increase in new start-up businesses in the UK, one of the leading exponents of 'fully inclusive' start-up business in a box packages has now launched its new website. read more
Gold Solutions launches a campaign to find people in Kent to work with the Founder on a new project. 368 views
8/09/2018, This is a unique opportunity to build a new business with the worlds No 1 developer of gold plating business opportunities. read more
Half Price Wholesaler Business Opportunity package from the world's No.1 supplier - Gold Solutions 534 views
6/02/2018, Gold Solutions have just launched their worldwide hunt for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business in their own country marketing gold plating kits and chemicals to their own public. read more
Now you can gold plate plastic items simply with these new gold plating kits from Gold Solutions. 321 views
2/16/2017, Gold Solutions have now introduced their own range of plating kits that allow their thousands of registered clients worldwide to turn ordinary non-metal items into unique 24k gold plated ones. read more
Gold Solutions launch scheme for under 25's in London with £50 an hour guarantee. 277 views
10/07/2016, With a very poor outlook for this group in modern society for much in the way of good news this year this scheme at least give a few a 'golden' opportunity to actually take some control themselves on their own future. read more
Own your own 'Gold' Medal courtesy of Gold Solutions. 383 views
8/21/2016, With the success of the amazing Team GB why not celebrate with Gold Solutions UK both their record breaking performance this year alongside their most memorable performance in 2012. read more

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