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Janice Hollis

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Hollis Media Group
created on: 9/19/2014
A leading provider of media and publishing solutions. The international gateway for independent authors, distributor of CD and music products.

Latest Briefings:
Black Baby Died at Texas Children’s Hospital Black Family Jolted by Medical Staff Cover Up 232 views
4/01/2023, A 30-minute procedure for gall stones turned into hours of misinformation, no information and ultimately the death of then 10-month-old Micah Khalid Logan. read more
Shield of Valor Executive Protection, LLC Global Expansion 269 views
4/01/2023, Led by 3 distinguished veterans with over 30 years of military intelligence, is leagues ahead of the one-size-fits-all scheme, and, in contrast, strategically work closely with its clients to develop personalized, custom-tailored programs. read more
Dr. Felicia Osborne Puts a Spotlight on Mental Health During Black History for Teens 306 views
2/04/2022, In her book, 7 Ways To Over Coming Life's Challenges Osborne strategically deals with unidentified mental barriers... this book will make a great gift for friends and family to help restore every facet of life... read more
Roger Stone New York Times Bestselling Author Strikes Gold with Spartacus the real Cory Booker Story 323 views
2/04/2022, Who is Senator Cory Booker? What does he smell like? In the minds of many the future, but the alarm has been sounded it's time to dig deeper... read more
Felicia Osborne's New Book for Children Is A Must Have - Get Felicia's 1st Day At Her New School! 273 views
2/04/2022, This book is perfect to help parents address the anxiety children feel when separated from mom and dad too long. With all the uncertainty in the midst of us, we want our children to feel valued, loved and protected. read more
Dr. Felicia Osborne A Leading Mental Health Service Provider Promotes Suicide Prevention As Movement 278 views
10/01/2021, Many individuals are struggling immensely with thoughts of hopelessness and teetering on total psychological collapse. It is a prevalent concern for thousands who have lost employment, homes, and even loved ones. The fear of the unknown is overwhelm read more
Vet Needs Our Help To Get Surgery For His Beloved Cat, Tommy... 286 views
8/16/2021, We love helping those in NEED! Today, it's Tommy, the CAT. The beloved pet of a VET... read more
Surgery for Tommy (the Cat) Help a VET 281 views
8/15/2021, VET needs your partnership to help his beloved pet cat, Tommy, with surgery... see the link read more
Maryam Henein, Award-Winning Filmmaker and Investigative Journalist Launches New Documentary 298 views
8/15/2021, Award-winning Filmmaker And Investigative Journalist, Maryam Henein, Is Back With A Stirring Expos? On The 21st Century’s Biggest Cover-up – Did America Watch A Bad Cop Gone Rogue Or A Personal Hit? read more
New Podcast "Mischievous Morsels" Launch June 30th on Spotify with Fionne Farraday 303 views
6/28/2021, Newbie Romance Thriller Kairn: Mates of the Alliance is set to take hearts by storm . . . Your fantasy has never been this stimulating but oh my, you're in for a treat... read more

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