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David Hoskins
(844) 543-3242
PO Box 57 Suite or Floor Number
Greenville, Florida

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Lighthouse Network
created on: 6/08/2021
The Lighthouse Network, founded in 2003, is a nonprofit ministry that provides a 24/7 helpline and online life-growth resources for those struggling with addiction or psychological issues. Through this service, we help them find peace, joy, and freedom to achieve their God-given potential.

Latest Briefings:
Lighthouse Network Provides Guidance to People in Need of Christian Residential Treatment Centers fo 136 views
5/13/2022, Lighthouse Network, a Christian-based care guide service provider, offers life-growth resources for people struggling with PTSD and depression. read more
Lighthouse Network Assists Individuals Find Reliable Faith-based Treatment Centers 144 views
5/09/2022, Lighthouse Network is an organization that has successfully assisted clients manage their psychological struggles by providing them with help from a holistic perspective. read more
Lighthouse Network Assist Individuals Locate the best Christian Based Mental Health Facility 138 views
4/14/2022, Lighthouse Network assists individuals in getting the mental health treatment they may need. read more
Lighthouse Network Facilitates Christian Depression Help Programs for Patients 196 views
3/24/2022, Lighthouse Network, a reputable non-profit ministry that helps people living with diverse mental health challenges, facilitates Christian depression help programs for patients. read more
Lighthouse Network offers Christian, Faith-Based Treatment for Depression 138 views
3/23/2022, Lighthouse Network offers easily accessible online life-growth resources and helpline services. read more
Lighthouse Network Shares Explanatory Details on Schizophrenia Natural Treatments 193 views
1/10/2022, Lighthouse Network assists individuals and families dealing with mental illness alone and co-occurring mental illness as well as addiction disorders. read more
Lighthouse Helps Patients Find Platforms that Accept Medicare and Medicaid Payments Near Them 165 views
1/03/2022, Schizophrenia is one of the severe mental health disorders around the globe. It makes it difficult for individuals to differentiate what is real and what isn't. read more
Lighthouse Network Helps Patients Find A Reliable Christian Residential Treatment Center 181 views
1/03/2022, Lighthouse Network offers the leading Christian mental health and love addiction helpline in the USA. They avail numerous outpatient and residential treatment options in the country. read more
Lighthouse Network Helps Individuals in Locating Reliable Christian Rehab Facilities 151 views
11/17/2021, Lighthouse Network is an organization that has assisted many individuals in having experienced the change that Christian drug rehab can create in their lives by helping them locate the best Christian rehab facility according to their situation. read more
Lighthouse Network: One of the leading schizophrenia inpatient guidance centers in Florida 161 views
11/17/2021, Lighthouse Network, a reputable non-profit ministry that helps people living with diverse addiction lifestyles, is one of the leading Christian guidance and schizophrenia inpatient centers in Florida. read more

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