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David Hoskins
(844) 543-3242
PO Box 57 Suite or Floor Number
Greenville, Florida

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Lighthouse Network
created on: 6/08/2021
The Lighthouse Network, founded in 2003, is a nonprofit ministry that provides a 24/7 helpline and online life-growth resources for those struggling with addiction or psychological issues. Through this service, we help them find peace, joy, and freedom to achieve their God-given potential.

Latest Briefings:
Lighthouse Network: Connecting Patients to Christian Depression and Anxiety Treatment Centers 129 views
11/19/2022, Lighthouse Network, a leading non-profit Christian helpline, provides guidance in finding treatment centers for depression and anxiety. read more
Lighthouse Network Offers Christian-Based Help For Suicidal Thoughts 152 views
11/18/2022, Lighthouse Network is a reputable organization that provides faith-based healing for those struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, or mental health concerns. read more
Lighthouse Network Dispatches Christian-based Treatment to Mental Health Patients 139 views
10/18/2022, Lighthouse Network assists people coping with mental illness and addiction disorders by connecting people with Christian, faith-based solutions. read more
Lighthouse Network Helps Mental Health Sufferers Find Peace Through Spiritual Means 143 views
10/18/2022, Lighthouse Network provides a haven for those struggling with addiction and mental illness, providing online information resources and phone helpline service from personal specialists who can help you find the proper treatment. read more
Lighthouse Network Offers Christian PTSD Treatment in the USA 154 views
10/07/2022, Lighthouse Network is a reputable helpline offering faith-based healing for those suffering from mental health issues and substance abuse. read more
Lighthouse Network Connects Patients to Top Christian Residential Mental Health Facilities 169 views
10/07/2022, Lighthouse Network, a non-profit Christian helpline, helps people with finding top Christian mental treatment centers. read more
Lighthouse Network Offers Reliable Anxiety Treatment Programs 152 views
8/23/2022, Lighthouse Network offers exceptional helpline services in the USA. They have been in the industry since 2003. read more
Lighthouse Network Helps Patients with Finding Christian Depression Treatment Centers 172 views
8/06/2022, Lighthouse Network is a reputable Christian mental health and addiction helpline that helps patients find Christian treatment programs for depression. read more
Lighthouse Network Connects People to Reliable Christian Mental Health Services 224 views
7/19/2022, Lighthouse Network offers numerous residential and outpatient treatment options in the USA. With them, one can be sure of finding programs that provide a faith-based approach to every need. read more
Lighthouse Network Offers Guidance on Finding Reliable Christian Mental Health Treatment Services 216 views
7/13/2022, Lighthouse Network, a non-profit Christian organization, provides guidance on finding a trusted Christian mental health treatment service. read more

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