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Chris Roeves
19 Hulme Court

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Oban Group
created on: 11/13/2019
Oban Group is a Perth based Building Service Provider. Our Main Services include Building Maintenance, Strata Services, Maintenance Plans, Facility Management, Building Consultancy, and Project Minor Works.

Latest Briefings:
What to be Included in your 10 years maintenance plan 64 views
6/19/2020, The introduction of the 10 years maintenance plan as a compulsory requirement for designated property companies has helped maintain properties by reserving funds for future replacement or maintenance of the property. read more
Tips for Buying Your First Piece of Real Estate 102 views
4/05/2020, These tips for buying your first piece of real estate will be sure to calm your nerves. Relax and read on. read more
Keep your Strata Property Safe During Bushfires 124 views
2/08/2020, With the risk of wild fire, taking action to stay as safe as possible should be one of the most important aspects of your strata services. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when preparing for bushfires. read more
What are Strata Services? 106 views
1/03/2020, This article explains what is strata services and why do you need some one to manage your strata. read more
5 Tips to Become a Better Strata Manager 174 views
11/13/2019, Want to become a Strata Service Manager or looking for a good Strata Service Manager? Here are some qualities you need to have or look for. read more

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